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    charges have been taken

    If yes, please provide brief details, including the sum of money at issue; furthermore please state if any charges have been taken on either company property or its undertakings, since the date of the last published accounts.

    Was ist hier mit charges gemeint? Urteile? Oder Zahlungen?

    Danke im Voraus.
    Verfasser HGL1 (389449) 23 Feb. 10, 18:52
    Surely not Urteile; 'charge' here definitely means an amount of money owed to someone, that is, charged to an account as a debit.

    But it's not clear (to me at least) whether 'taken' means 'Does the company owe someone else money?', or 'Does someone else owe the company money?' I would assume the former -- that they want to know if anyone has, for example, used a company credit card or placed a purchase order since the last balance sheet -- but without context, it's hard to say.

    Next time, be sure to mark a question like this as financial, with [Fin.] or whatever from the pop-down menu; that way you might be more likely to get a competent answer.

    #1Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 23 Feb. 10, 20:09
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