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    abhängig von

    Abhängig von diesen beiden Größen wird der entsprechende Ausgabebereich im Menü "Systemeinstellungen" ausgewählt
    "Take these two values into consideration when selecting the appropriate output range" is what I think this means. But I have been looking at the LEO suggestions for "Abhängig von" and wonder if there is another way of saying this using "subject to". Maybe "The appropriate output range is selected subject to these two values" That doesn't sound right to me in this context, but why not? Maybe "subject to" usually refers to some kind of restriction, e.g. Subject to your agreement we will announce your appointment to the position next week. i.e. we will only annouce it if you agree. But there is no restriction in my sentence. But can "subject to" be used for "abhängig von" in other sentences?
    Verfasserpermanent wave03 Mär. 10, 22:56
    Depending on (the setting of) those two parameters ...
    In accordance to the setting of those two parameters ...

    how about this ?
    #1VerfasserLouisa03 Mär. 10, 23:55
    Vorschlagin dependence upon
    Abhängig von diesen beiden Größen ...
    In dependence upon these two parameters ...
    #2Verfassermichma (627707) 05 Feb. 14, 16:06
    For starters: Ad #1: in accordance WITH
    #3Verfassercarolm (436944) 05 Feb. 14, 16:12
    Scrap "in accordance with" and "depending on"(#1) and also "Taking these two parameters ..." (permanent wave).
    Perhaps turn the sentence around: The appropriate area in the "system settings" menu is selected in dependence on these two parameters.
    #4Verfassercarolm (436944) 05 Feb. 14, 16:25
    Dependent upon
    Based on
    #5Verfassersvaihingen (705121) 06 Feb. 14, 01:04
    'Subject to' doesn't always work as a replacement to depends upon. But the meanings are very closely related.

    'Subject to,' in my opinion, carries the notion of compulsion to do something (make a decision, forcefully do or endure something, etc.).

    If anything, based or depending upon, works as a replacement for 'subject to.'

    If you used it in this case, most native speakers would understand it and I think it works well here.

    Case 1:
    The corresponding output range is subject to both values chosen in the System Settings Menu.

    Case 2:
    The corresponding output range depends upon both values chosen in the System Settings Menu.

    Case 1 suggests the output range must conform to the user-selected values.

    Case 2 suggests the direct relationship between output range and the system setting values.

    They're close yet different and I don't know why?

    Then again, my opinions are subject to change. But my opinions aren't dependent upon or based upon change.
    #6VerfasserMein Fritz (862420) 06 Feb. 14, 05:54
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