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    Dear Mr. XXX,

    within my studies in Automotive Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in XXX, Germany I intend to spend a semester of internship which I would like to complete entirely or at least partly abroad. Even though I already fulfilled the required 13 weeks of internship your company profile and your business areas, especially those of your locations abroad are of great interest for me.

    In July I will complete the XXX semester majoring in car body development. Within the last months I engaged myself intensely in car body development, utility vehicle development, stability of lightweight constructions, finite element method calculations, principles of chassis for road vehicles as well as the dimensioning of components.

    I obtained comprehensive information in the computer programs ... during my basic studies. These technical skills were rudimental for my work at the university’s own racing team, the XXX Racing Team which is currently ranked at position XX in the official formula students worldwide ranking. My challenge in the team was the engineering and design of a grid tube frame and the documentation of my work. In addition I supported the project’s marketing team with the creation of a map for sponsors due to my hobby the photography.

    I am eager to contribute my organizing ability and my communication skills to the development and production centers of the XXX in the United States as well as to apply and to deepen my listed skills. Furthermore I hope to obtain knowledge about the american product requirements and I expect to advance my social skills. In addition I hope that an internship might serve as a basis for further co-operation referring to my bachelor thesis.

    Hoping that my qualifications meet your requirements I apply for an internship in the United States at the XXX from ... to ... .

    For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,
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    VerfasserMarge06 Mai 10, 22:06
    Das ist ein typischer Fall für "Übersetzung korrekt?"

    #1Verfasser waltherwithh (554696) 06 Mai 10, 22:28
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