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  • Betreff

    Pink Swear or Blue Swear

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Pink swear
    Blue swear
    Was bedeuten diese Versprechungen??
    Verfasserflower26 Apr. 05, 16:15
    I can speak only for myself, but I would require quite a bit of context and even then cannot guarantee that I would have the foggiest notion what this could be.

    I doubt that many, even native speaker of English, will have heard of these expressions.

    You could always run it through Google, of course, to see if it pops up there.
    #1VerfasserBob C.26 Apr. 05, 23:22
    Could it be "Blue sweater and pink sweater?"
    If you want a translation, you've got to give people a chance by providing more context.
    #2VerfasserWolfman26 Apr. 05, 23:41
    The only thing I can think of is "pinkie swear". I'm not even sure how it works anymore. [You link your pinkie (baby finger) with someone else's and swear something is true???] Maybe somebody else has a better memory.
    Kids do the pinkie swear.
    Blue swear - no idea
    #3VerfasserRES-can27 Apr. 05, 00:09
    I've heard "swear a blue streak", which means to utter (speak) a long string of curses...never heard of "pink swear", but it does turn up hits on Google.
    #4VerfasserBenson27 Apr. 05, 00:21
    I think your query is too short and leaves out the context.

    Probably you should ask about (Swear shoes) or (Swear boots). If they're pink, well, then they're (pink (swear shoes)).

    See e.g., http://beautifi.blogspot.com/2004/10/swear-sh... or http://suicidegirls.com/boards/Lifestyle/6026....
    #5VerfasserPeter <us>27 Apr. 05, 03:27
    probably not helpful - blue language = using swearwords
    #6Verfasserkirsten27 Apr. 05, 03:47
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