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in known providing

[finan.] [Amer.]
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"The financial industry in known providing second acts."

Wall Street Journal - Deal Journal:
Das ergibt für mich gar keinen Sinn. Vielleicht ist es auch ein Schreibfehler. Aber wie müsste es dann richtig heissen?
AuthorBusybear06 Jul 10, 16:39
Makes no sense to me either. But in your context, there's little doubt about the meaning.

...is known for providing second chances.
#1Authorescoville (237761) 06 Jul 10, 16:47
is known for providing?

Die Finanzindustrie ist dafür bekannt, eine zweite Chance zu gewähren?
#2Authorkedi31 (394684) 06 Jul 10, 16:48
Thanks a lot.

However, I find it doubtful that the sentence makes more sense this way.

Another possible translation would be "Die Finanzindustrie ist bekannt für ihre Nachspiele." Makes only a little more sense.
#3AuthorBusybear06 Jul 10, 17:03
What do you need to do to lose your job in finance: The financial industry in known providing second acts. And it seems Steve Perkins, the oil trader banned by the U.K. financial regulator for illegally trading $520 million while on a bender, seems to be getting his second chance. The Daily Telegraph reports that he was in talks with a commodity broker called Starsupply Renewables in Switzerland.

Nein, für mich ist das eindeutig. Steve Perkins bekommt seine zweite Chance, nachdem er wegen des illegalen Handelns "gesperrt" war.
#4Authorkedi31 (394684) 06 Jul 10, 17:09
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