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  • Subject

    papa lapped a pap lopped

    "papa lapped a pap lopped" is the title of a song by a Japanese artist. He once said in an interview, that any fast-speaking American would immediately understand the meaning of this sentence... since I'm neither particularly fast speaking nor American, I have no idea what it could possibly mean! I of course tried to google it, but the explanations range from "Papa locked a padlock" to "to suck someone's nipple" and don't really make sense... Help? Anyone? :)
    Authorvfr01 (648848) 30 Aug 10, 14:12
    Ich würd's ja fast für Deutsch halten ;^)

    Dictionary: papperlapapp

    Vielleicht war die Erklärung auch "künstlerisch" gemeint.
    #1Authorgremlin30 Aug 10, 14:15

    Papa lapped a pap lopped
    Music and lyrics by Gackt C.

    On the title: Well, no one except Gackt knows what the awesome title of this song means. I can't even speculate. In an interview, Gackt said that if you said papa lapped a pap lopped to an American, they would be able to understand it. (But ironically, he said this only days after many Americans, Singaporeans, Australians, Malaysians, Chinese, English, New Zealanders, Thai and the people of many other nations gathered together on the Gackt mailing list to discuss exactly how much they did not understand this title).

    Ich habe auch zuerst an "papperlapapp" denken müssen. :-)
    #2AuthorBen30 Aug 10, 14:20
    Danke, die website hatte ich auch schon gefunden, aber es muss doch irgendwen geben, der da wenigstens ein bißchen Sinn reinbringen kann...
    #3Authorvfr01 (648848) 30 Aug 10, 14:23
    Das erinnert mich alten Hippiepunk an Little Richards "Awopbopaloobopalopbamboom" ...
    #4Author Dr. Dark (658186) 30 Aug 10, 18:13
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