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    Die Bundestagswahl entscheidet auch darüber, ob in Gorleben weiter ohne atomrechtliche Genehmigung Fakten geschaffen werden [...].
    ... "facts are made in Gorleben" is the worst possible translation. Thankful for any ideas.
    VerfasserSimha16 Jun. 05, 10:46
    Vorschlag... if accomplished facts are made ...
    vollendete Tatsachen sind "accomplished facts"

    kann man dann sagen (!?)

    ... if accomplished facts are made ...
    #1Verfasserstefan16 Jun. 05, 10:51
    Thanks for your suggestion, Stefan.

    I am pondering whether "... if Gorleben turns into an accomplished fact" works here.
    #2VerfasserSimha16 Jun. 05, 11:06
    phew, that's a tricky one. As far as I understand Fakten schaffen, I would imagine they are building something in Gorleben without proper permissions, and once it's there, even if illegally, no-one will make them pull it down again. A possible synonym could be "vor vollendete Tatsachen stellen", but that needs a person that's placed in front of irreversible facts (to translate this literally). Leo has fait accompli for vollendete Tatsachen, but what would be the verb that goes with it? Create? Commit? Over to the natives.
    #3Verfassertanja116 Jun. 05, 11:12
    I know it's too late, but for latecomers like me:

    In general, I might suggest "creating realities" or "bringing xxx to life" (depending on context!)...

    In this particular case (a "toughie!"), perhaps the following would be a good translation:

    The Bundestag's vote will also determine whether [buildings? factories? plants?] will continue to be [built?] in Gorleben without additional approval of an atomic law.

    I would need a bit more context, however...
    #4Verfasserme23 Dez. 08, 09:46
    What about 'fait accompli'
    #5Verfasseralgood (388003) 23 Dez. 08, 09:47
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