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    Fisch blau

    Kontext/ Beispiele

    Does anyone know how to translate a menu with fish specialities when the descriptions use the term "blau", for example Zander blau or Kabeljau blau. I'm afraid I'm not up on the cooking methods...

    VerfasserAunty Em25 Jun. 05, 17:52
    Duden-Oxford gives "blue trout" for "Forelle blau". Might be worth Googling it to check.
    #1Verfasserkatsushika25 Jun. 05, 17:56
    VorschlagFisch blau [Kochk.]
    Kontext/ Beispiele

    Thanks for your reply, but I meant the cooking method "blau", not the type of fish... sorry if I didn't explain that clearly!

    In the meantime I have found out that it is when the fish is "boiled in salt and vinegar"... but I am wondering whether poached is the better translation for this...

    Any comments (anyone)?

    #2VerfasserAunty Em25 Jun. 05, 18:44
    Vorschlagau bleu / poached
    #3VerfasserBaldrick25 Jun. 05, 18:51
    Vorschlagpoached [Kochk.]
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Thanks Baldrick! That's what I thought.
    #4VerfasserAunty Em25 Jun. 05, 19:30
    Aunty Em, I've never seen a BLUE trout and I did understand (I live in Germany and occasionally (very) eat Forelle blau, preferring Art der Müllerin), and Duden-Oxford's "blue trout" has the prefix "Kochk.": so Duden-Oxford thinks that's what you're looking for. Pace Baldrick. Pace world.
    #5Verfasserkatsushika25 Jun. 05, 20:16
    "Poached trout" for me would be one that a poacher has caught.
    #6Verfasserkatsushika25 Jun. 05, 20:22
    Here's a recipe for "blue trout" (if a Tuvalu - wherever that is - website can be trusted):

    Blue Trout
    Trout 1 kilo or 4 portions
    Vinegar 3 spoonfuls
    White Wine 2 glasses
    Carrots 1
    Parsley a sprig
    Bay Leaves 1 leaf
    Peppercorns a few

    Here's another recpie from the German Embassy, Washington D.C.

    Germany Online Home: Culture & Life: Life: Recipes: Recipe Archive
    Forelle Blau
    Blue Trout

    This recipe gets its name from the blue color the trout takes on when cooked in vinegar.

    4 trout, gutted and cleaned
    2 quarts water
    1 cup dry white wine
    1/3 cup best quality vinegar
    1 carrot
    1 onion
    1 leek
    1 bay leaf
    black peppercorns

    Salt to taste
    Butter 30 gr
    Lemons 1
    at http://www.germany-info.org/relaunch/culture/...

    But that said, maybe for other types of fish one just says "poached".
    #7Verfasserkatsushika25 Jun. 05, 20:30
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