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    versicolored emerald - versicoloured emerald (Chrysuronia versicolor syn. Amazilia versicolor) - ar…

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    versicolored emerald - versicoloured emerald (Chrysuronia versicolor syn. Amazilia versicolor) ornith. - ariane versicolore, f (Chrysuronia versicolor syn. Amazilia versicolor)


     ... Taxonomy in detail

     Scientific name   Amazilia versicolor

    Authority      (Vieillot, 1818)


    Common names

    English      Versicolored Emerald, Versicolored Emerald

    Taxonomic sources   SACC. 2005 and updates. A classification of the bird species of South America. Available at: #http :// ...

     ... Versicoloured Emerald   Chrysuronia versicolor

    LC Least Concern

     ... A common and familiar hummingbird occurring in many different habitats from forest edges to deserts and mangroves to urban areas. Many different subspecies with significant variation in plumage, but all have a glowing green body, a variably white belly, and an orangish lower mandible. Subspecies vary in the presence of blue, green, or white throats and in the extent of the white patch on the belly. ...

     Versicolored Emerald (Amazilia versicolor)

    (aka Chrysuronia versicolor)

    Brazilian name: beija-flor-de-banda-branca


    The Versicolored Emerald is found in the Amazon Basin in Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil but in small, disjunct areas. It is also found in north-east Brazil and in central and eastern Brazil. See the distribution map at xeno-canto. There are 5 sub-species and these photos, taken in the Chapada Diamantina of Bahia and at Ubatuba, show the nominate form. ...

     VERSICOLOURED EMERALD Amazilia versicolor

    ... For the most part it is a drab, greenish individual, but if the light catches it at the right angle, blue spangles flash like disco lights on the sides of its breast. The Emerald is a humid forest species, though it looks essentially like the females of many other hummingbirds. They are very variable in plumage, and two colour forms, the white-bellied Amazilia "brevirostris" and green-bellied Amazilia "affinis" have recently been proposed as distinct species in a series of papers by Chebez et al. ...

     Chrysuronia versicolor (Vieillot, 1818)

     ...  Taxonomy and Nomenclature        

        Kingdom:   Animalia   

        Taxonomic Rank:   Species   

        Synonym(s):   Amazilia versicolor (Vieillot, 1818)

                   Trochilus versicolor Vieillot, 1818

        Common Name(s):   Versicolored Emerald [English]        

        Taxonomic Status:       Current Standing:   valid          

        Data Quality Indicators:   Record Credibility Rating:   verified - standards met ...

     The versicoloured emerald (Chrysuronia versicolor) is a species of hummingbird from central and eastern South America.


    The taxonomy is very complex and remains a matter of dispute. The nominate subspecies (C. v. versicolor) occurs in two main morphs; a white-throated coastal type and a green/turquoise-throated inland type.[3] At some localities individuals with intermediate features are commonly seen, but at others the two morphs seemingly co-occur without signs of intergradation. The coastal morph was formerly known as C. brevirostris, but a review lead to this name being considered to belong to the white-chested emerald of northern South America.[3] Recently, it has been suggested that the coastal type should remain as C. brevirostris,[4] but this has been disputed,[5] and has yet to gain wide recognition. ...

     ... This species was formerly placed in the genus Amazilia. A molecular phylogenetic study published in 2014 found that Amazilia was polyphyletic.[8] In the revised classification to create monophyletic genera, the versicoloured emerald was moved to Chrysuronia.[9][10] ...

     L'Ariane versicolore (Amazilia versicolor, syn. : Chrysuronia versicolor) est une espèce d'oiseaux de la famille des Trochilidae (les colibris).


    Son aire de répartition comprend l'Argentine, la Bolivie, le Brésil, la Colombie, le Paraguay, le Guyana et le Venezuela.


    Cette espèce habite divers milieux tropicaux ou subtropicaux : les forêts sèches et les forêts humides de basse altitude, les broussailles sèches mais aussi les anciennes forêts fortement dégradées. ...

     Ariane versicolore

    Chrysuronia versicolor - Versicolored Emerald

     Description identification

    Ariane versicolore (Chrysuronia versicolor) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des Trochilidés.

     ... Habitat

    Forêt : sèche, humide de plaine, montagneuse humide ; Savane : sèche ; Maquis : sec ; Zones artificielles terrestres : zones urbaines, ancienne forêt

     ... Descripteur   Vieillot, 1818

    Biométrie        Taille   : 10 cm      Envergure   : -      Poids   : 3 à 4 g ...

     ... Français

    Domaine(s)      Oiseaux

    Entrée(s) universelle(s)   Amazilia versicolor   latin

       ariane versicolore   

       correct, nom féminin, uniformisé

    OBS   Oiseau de la famille des Trochilidae.

    OBS   ariane versicolore : nom français uniformisé par la Commission internationale des noms français des oiseaux. ...

     Ariane versicolore

    Apodiformes > Trochilidae > Amazilia versicolor*         (Vieillot, 1818)

    Versicolored Emerald (en) ; Glanzamazilie (de) ; Smeraldo versicolore (it) ; Amazilia versicolor (es)

     ... Habitat : Forêt tropicale et subtropicale sèche ou humide de plaine, tropicale et subtropicale humide de montagne ; zones de constructions urbaines ou forêts tropicales et subtropicales fortement dégradées ; savane sèche ; zones arbustives tropicales ou subtropicales sèches.

     ... Région : Amérique ( 7 pays afficher/cacher )

    Statut :   Non-critique, tendance incertaine :

     ... Espèces du genre Amazilia | Chrysuronia ...

     Les arianes

    Les arianes sont des oiseaux-mouches (Trochilidae) qui vivent en Amérique latine. Il existe 31 espèces différentes d'arianes. ...

     ... Ariane versicolore (Chrysuronia versicolor) - Brésil - ...

     ... Ariane de Linné (Chionomesa fimbriata) - Brésil ...

     Ariane versicolore

    Chrysuronia versicolor (Vieillot, 1818)

     ... Ordre:       Apodiformes

    Famille:       Trochilidae

    Genre:        Chrysuronia

    scientifique:    Chrysuronia versicolor

     ... Citation:    (Vieillot, 1818) ...

     ... scientifique:   Agyrtria versicolor, Agyrtria versicolor versicolor, Amazilia versicolor, Amazilia versicolor [versicolor Group], Amazilia versicolor versicolor, Chrysuronia versicolor, Chrysuronia versicolor [versicolor Group], Trochilus versicolor ...

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