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    Translation correct?

    Darf ich Sie bitten... - May I ask you to...

    Source Language Term

    Darf ich Sie bitten...


    May I ask you to...

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Darf ich Sie bitten einen solchen Brief für mich zu schreiben?

    -> May I ask you to write such a letter for me please?
    Ich möchte höflich anfragen, ob die Person mir einen Brief ausstellt. Es soll kein Befehl sein. Passt hier 'may' oder wäre 'could you please write...' besser?

    Danke vorab!
    AuthorNico05 Dec 07, 00:19
    May I ask you is fine, super hoeflick = (would you be so kind as to write...)

    "could you please" has undertones of aggression, as in "could you please get out of my way.
    #1AuthorTimo05 Dec 07, 01:07
    I agree with Timo. 'could you please' could be taken as being pushy, but it does depend on how you emphasize the word 'please'.

    'Would you please 'blah, blah'' would also be super polite, again depending how you emphasize 'please'.

    Now that I think of it, pretty near all of the politeness in these can be sucked out by how one says the word 'please'. :)
    #2Authoryyz05 Dec 07, 01:21
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