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    Translation correct?

    Betriebsbereit - ready for operation

    Source Language Term



    ready for operation

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Die Härtekammer ist eingeschaltet und Betriebsbereit Zustand:

    Functional description
    The curing chamber is switched on and ready for operation:
    I'm somewhat puzzled by this sentence. It is followed by a list of functions (heating, air flow etc.) all of which are off. Is it an abbreviated way of saying "Wenn die Härtekammer eingeschaltet und im betriebsbereiten Zustand ist", or how is it to be understood?
    Author DW (EN) (241915) 27 Jan 09, 14:11
    The curing chamber is ready for operation when the heating, air-flow etc. are switched on.
    Does this help?
    #1AuthorMIke (BE)27 Jan 09, 14:23
    Context/ examples

    - Being such that use or operation is possible
    I think thee thing is here that it's ready for use or operable.

    The curing chamber is switched on and operable
    #2Authormykl (442296) 27 Jan 09, 14:25
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