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    Translation correct?

    Er ist in keiner Band - He is in no gang.

    Source Language Term

    Er ist in keiner Band


    He is in no gang.

    Ich würde vielleicht bevorzugen "He isn't part / member of a band", aber geht das andere auch?
    AuthorJenny18 Oct 09, 13:43
    gang = Bande
    band = Band, Musikgruppe
    #1AuthorMattes (236368) 18 Oct 09, 13:44
    Sorry, hab mich verschrieben. Und der Rest? "He is in no band" - kann man das so sagen?
    #2AuthorJenny18 Oct 09, 13:47
    Nein. He's not in a band, he plays solo.
    #3AuthorSteve UK18 Oct 09, 13:54
    @ Steve UK, what remarkable English you have, as a fellow native UK-er I'd never say "play solo" as it sounds downright odd and American. I'd say "he's not in a band, he's a solo performer"
    #4AuthorSam UK18 Oct 09, 14:12
    Sam UK

    I think Steve's English is anything but remarkable. Solo is after all an adverb as well as an adjective and a noun. "To play solo" sounds perfectly normal to me (as do "to fly solo" and "to go solo").
    #5AuthorXY18 Oct 09, 14:18
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