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    Lake Superior geog. - Oberer See

    1. Oberer See ( englisch Lake Superior ), der größte der fünf Großen Seen Nordamerikas, 184 m über ...
    2. Oberer See, See in Nordamerika, der westlichste der Großen Seen, der größte Süßwassersee der Erde, ...
    Oberer See
    englisch Lake Superior
    der größte der nordamerikanischen Großen Seen, 82 103 km2, 183 m ü. M.; durchschnittlich 148 m, jedoch bis 405 m tief. Der Haupthafen ist Duluth.
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05.
    Superior, Lake
    largest freshwater lake in the world, 31,820 sq mi (82,414 sq km), 350 mi (563 km) long and 160 mi (257 km) at its greatest width, bordered on the W by NE Minnesota, on the N and E by Ontario, Canada, and on the S by NW Michigan and NW Wisconsin; largest, highest, and deepest of the Great Lakes, having a surface elevation of 602 ft (183 m) and a maximum depth of 1,302 ft (397 m). [...]

    The Macquarie Dictionary:
    noun Lake, the northernmost of the Great Lakes, between the United States and Canada; the largest body of fresh water in the world. About 644 km long; about 82 390 km2; greatest depth 393 m; 184 m above sea level.
    AuthorNorbert Juffa03 Jul 06, 02:36
    See also:   related discussion:Großer Salzsee -- Great Salt Lake
    #1AuthorNorbert Juffa03 Jul 06, 06:14
    Norbert, I know you always document your stuff really well, but I have never heard Lake Superior referred to as anything else. (Salt Lake as well) I find it really odd... do Germans really call it that?
    (not like München - Munich, etc,, which still sound relatively close....._
    #2AuthorRES-can03 Jul 06, 15:09
    @ RES-can: Yes, we do. - Perhaps most of all those of us with little or no knowledge of English. To them 'Oberer See' makes sense . . .
    #3AuthorDaddy 03 Jul 06, 16:08

    @RES-can: Nicht nur die Deutschen - auch die Oesterreicher, Deutschschweizer, Suedtiroler, Liechtensteiner,... nennen ihn so! :o)
    "Oberer See" ist der (m.W. einzig) uebliche Ausdruck im Deutschen - sowohl in Atlanten und Lexika, als auch im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch (nicht nur bei Leuten mit geringen Englischkenntnissen).
    #4AuthorRE103 Jul 06, 16:30
    Also das nächste Mal wenn ich in DE bin, weiß ich dann wenigstens wonach ich gefragt werde. Danke an alle.
    #5AuthorRES-can03 Jul 06, 16:33
    Supported. I'm from Michigan. I know this well and have heard it many times in G.
    #6Authorwpr03 Jul 06, 16:42
    My old school atlas (Freytag-Berndt, Austria, 1968) also shows Lake Superior as "Oberer See".

    And yes, I also know it under that name (although I don't think I heard it called anything but "Lake Superior" in the last ten or 15 years...).
    #7AuthorUlrich0503 Jul 06, 17:04
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt