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    Financing commitment - Finanzierungszusage

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    Financing commitment econ. - Finanzierungszusage

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    binding financing commitment

    law -

    bindende Finanzierungszusage

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    The Purchaser has sufficient immediately available funds or **binding financing commitments** to pay the Purchase Price.

    Zu den mit der Finanzierungszusage zu erfüllenden Bedingungen gehören auch eine behördlich genehmigte Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung sowie ein Umweltmanagementplan.

    Deutsch: The financing commitment is contingent upon approval under certain conditions, including satisfaction with the environmental permit, environmental impact assessment and environmental action plan.

    Financing Commitment:
    The commitment or approval letter is the most important document a borrower receives from the lender prior to closing. It informs the borrower that the loan application has been approved and that the bank or mortgage company has committed itself to lending the requested funds. However, this obligation is often conditioned upon certain requirements that must be met before or at the time of closing.

    Wird oft auch mit "Finanzierungsvereinbarung" übersetzt.
    AuthorSchnettschnett29 Jul 10, 10:38
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