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    wormwood - absinthe, also absinth (Artemisia absinthium) - ajenjo, m - absintio, m (Artemisia ab…

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    wormwood - absinthe, also absinth (Artemisia absinthium) bot. - ajenjo, m - absintio, m (Artemisia absinthium)

    Ejemplos/ Definiciones con sus fuentes

    The En⇔De dictionary has :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: Wermut* Beifuß Artemisia absinthium

    wormwood [BOT.]      Echter Wermut  wiss.: Artemisia absinthium   

    wormwood [BOT.]      Bitterer Beifuß  wiss.: Artemisia absinthium

    wormwood [BOT.]      der Wermut Pl.  wiss.: Artemisia absinthium

    ... and the Es⇔De dictionary has :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: Wermut* Beifuß Artemisia absinthium

    el ajenjo [BOT.]     der Wermut Pl.: die Wermuts wiss.: Artemisia absinthium

    el ajenjo [BOT.]     die Wermutpflanze wiss.: Artemisia absinthium ...

    el ajenjo [BOT.]     der Echt-Wermut wiss.: Artemisia absinthium

    el absintio [BOT.] - ajenjo - planta  der Echt-Wermut wiss.: Artemisia absinthiumum

    References Siehe auch: wormwood - der Absinth, wiss.; Artemisia absi...


    Addional references :

    Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is an herb that’s prized for its distinctive aroma, herbaceous flavor, and purported health benefits (1Trusted Source).

    While native to Europe, it grows readily across various climates, including parts of Asia, Africa, South America, and the United States. ...


    Artemisia absinthium

       Name also: Absinthe, Absinthium, Absinthe Wormwood, Common Wormwood, Grand Wormwood, Green Ginger, Madderwort

       Family: Daisy Family – Compositae, subfamily Asteroideae

       (formerly Aster Family – Asteraceae) ...


    Artemisia absinthium

    Aster family (Asteraceae)

    Description: This herbaceous perennial plant forms both basal leaves and erect to ascending stems with alternate leaves; the latter are 2-4' tall, branching occasionally. The stems are grayish green to nearly white, densely canescent, and terete, becoming more glabrous and slightly woody with age. ...

     ... Botanical Aspects

    Artemisia absinthium L. (wormwood) is a species of the genus Artemisia, one of the largest and most widely distributed (containing up to 500 species) from the family Asteraceae (synonym: Compositae), tribe Anthemideae. ...

    Siehe auch: vermouth [BOT.] - -

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