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    vermouth [BOT.] - -

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    The Es⇔En dictionary currently has :

    Siehe Wörterbuch: Artemisia absinthium

    vermouth [BOT.]      el ajenjo  Lat.: Artemisia absinthium


    "Vermouth" is the name of a beverage, not the name of the plant ... it should thus be replaced by wormwood (and absinthe, also absinth) ...

     ... Botanical Aspects

    Artemisia absinthium L. (wormwood) is a species of the genus Artemisia, one of the largest and most widely distributed (containing up to 500 species) from the family Asteraceae (synonym: Compositae), tribe Anthemideae. ...

     ... 2 Plants for liquors and other beverages

    The most famous Artemisia species employed in drinks is A. absinthium. With it, water infusions for digestive and antihelminthic purposes, but also linked to food—in fact a nutraceutical—and several alcoholic beverages, are prepared, among which two are most noteworthy: vermouth and absinth.

    Vermouth is the product of macerating several herbs in wine, for which A. absinthium represents a prime ingredient, since, apart from imparting a bitter taste to the drink, it is the one which gave the name to this appetizing beverage, wermut and wermutkraut being the German names for this species ...

     ... Vermouth derives its name from the German wermut and the French vermout, which translate to wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). To meet the European definition of vermouth, at least one of the many species of wormwood (Artemisia spp.) is required to be included in uthe recipe. ...

    Para la planta : Siehe auch: wormwood - absinthe, also absinth (Artemisi...

    ... y para la bebida : related discussion: vermouth - vermut, m - vermout, m - vermouth, m

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    Thank you. We have taken your suggestion into account. With the next dictionary update you will be able to see the changes online.

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