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  • Source Language Term

    Wunder Brit.


    marvel vs. wonder

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    the marvels of non-virtual communication
    the wonders of non-virtual communication
    2 friends have been communicating online for a few weeks and they started to have some issues. Now they met in person and resolved their differences. I wanted to comment on that by saying "Die Wunder der nichtvirtuellen Kommunikation!" (basically saying that face-to-face communication can sometimes be better than just chatting online/e-mailing/skyping). So I was wondering if I should translate this as "the wonders of non-virtual communication" or "the marvels of non-virtual communication". Or maybe even miracles? I don't quite get the difference between "wonder" and "marvel".
    Authorthe wonderer [de]31 Oct 10, 02:07
    Either wonder or marvel is OK, although I probably would tend more to wonder. I would also plainly say face-to-face communication, rather than "nonvirtual"; e.g. that's the wonder of face-to-face communication.
    #1AuthorMartin--cal (272273) 31 Oct 10, 07:15
    What it an online game with virtual reality?

    There is no big difference between "wonders", "marvels", or "miracles", IMHO.

    I sort of like: the miracles of non-virtual communication

    It has a ring to it.
    #2Authoropine (680211) 31 Oct 10, 11:08
    Thank you both. I always thought "miracle" had more of a surprising element to it. I may be wrong about that. But if either "wonder" or "marvel" is okay, I think I'll use wonder. Thank you again!
    #3Authorthe wonderer31 Oct 10, 11:48
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