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    compound measure - Zusammengesetzte Messgröße der Arbeitszufriedenheit

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    compound measure


    Zusammengesetzte Messgröße der Arbeitszufriedenheit

    We utilize two alternative measures of job
    satisfaction. First we derive a compound measure of job satisfaction, averaging responses on a 7-point scale to 14 items covering different domains, including both intrinsic aspects of the work and extrinsic aspects such as pay. We regress the compound measure against conventional variables used in job satisfaction
    equations, and include our measures of overqualification.
    Second, we utilize responses (same 7-point scale) on a single summary question about overall job satisfaction: ‘All in all, how satisfied are you with your job?’. We estimate the determinants of overall job satisfaction using an ordinal Logit specification.
    Authoruni01 Dec 10, 22:22
    Die Übersetzung von 'compound measure of job satisfaction' mit 'zusammengesetzte Messgröße der Arbeitszufriedenheit' ist in Ordnung.
    #1AuthorMuckantsch (468089) 02 Dec 10, 10:49
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