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    Übersetzung korrekt?

    We are all sitting in one boat - We are all in the same boat


    We are all sitting in one boat


    We are all in the same boat

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    "We are all sitting in one boat" soll der ehemalige Ministerpräsident Oettinger von Baden-Württemberg gesagt haben und wurde dafür öffentlich ausgelacht. Der Satz gehört sogar zu den "Peinlichkeiten des Jahres".

    Bei Leo findet man

    "We are all in the same boat"

    Ist Oettingers Aussage denn so verkehrt?
    VerfasserSpindoctor (374626) 21 Dez. 10, 14:26
    Well, the one he's sitting in is the Titanic, so I hope I'm not in the same one.

    I know the phrase "We're all in the same boat", although I think the way Oettinger has phrased it doesn't really alter the meaning. As for "Peinlichkeit des Jahres", I can think of better candidates.
    #1Verfassertomtom21 Dez. 10, 14:48
    Of course it doesn't alter the meaning. Either is as good as the other. I had to think for a while what the problem was.

    This comes from the same people who think that a "public viewing" necessarily has something to do with corpses.
    #2Verfasserescoville (237761) 21 Dez. 10, 14:52
    Alle beide sind okay.
    #3Verfasseropine (680211) 21 Dez. 10, 14:54
    No, it really isn't that bad.

    I think the problem is that his spoken English is not that great (more in terms of intonation/pronunciation tho?) and so this literal translation of a German phrase was pounced on - even though any English speaker would recognise+understand it as a variant of the usual "in the same boat".

    I'd be highly impressed if any British politician could string enough foreign words together to make a similar mistake!
    Apart from Nick Clegg (apparently speaks 5 languages), I can't think of any that would manage more than the odd Bonjour / Danke...
    #4VerfasserNicole (UK) (240554) 21 Dez. 10, 14:56
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