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    heraus kommen


    to come out???

    Justin is at the end of his tether. This comes out when you have a look at line 24 where it says...

    Bei Leo steht für klar werden u.a. "to come out". Kann man das also wirklich in dem obigen Satz so sagen? (Klingt wie Genglish)
    Authornoidea_1 (758539) 02 Jul 11, 22:42
    Wird in Zeile 24 erklärt, weshalb Justin "at the end of his tether" ist? Wenn ja, stellt sich...heraus...
    #1AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Jul 11, 22:57
    Im Sinne von: "wird deutlich"? Dann vielleicht: "becomes evident".
    #2AuthorRaudona (255425) 02 Jul 11, 23:03
    "come out" ist raus?
    #3Authornoidea_1 (758539) 02 Jul 11, 23:14
    "to come out" heißt ganz wörtlich "herauskommen", also "einen Ort verlassen". Also nicht "sich herausstellen"!
    #4AuthorRaudona (255425) 02 Jul 11, 23:20
    Context/ examples
    Merriam Webster
    Definition of COME OUT
    intransitive verb
    1a : to come into public view : make a public appearance (a new magazine has come out)
    b : to become evident (his pride came out in his refusal to accept help)
    2: to declare oneself especially in public utterance (came out in favor of the proposal)
    3: to turn out in an outcome : end up (everything came out all right)
    4: to make a debut
    5a : to openly declare one's homosexuality b : to openly declare something about oneself previously kept hidden —often used with as (blew his cover and came out as a CIA agent — William Prochnau)
    It also means "sich herausstellen" - depends on your particular context.

    Raudona, Did you contradict yourself on purpose? :-)
    #5AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 02 Jul 11, 23:28
    Carly, keines deiner Beispiele würde ich mit "sich herausstellen" übersetzen:
    1a: herauskommen
    b: deutlich werden
    2: sich aussprechen für
    3: sich zum Guten wenden (oder so)
    4: debütieren
    5a: sich outen

    Actually, I also wanted to keep it simple - "comes out" is definitely incorrect in the original sentence, don't you agree?
    #6AuthorRaudona (255425) 02 Jul 11, 23:38
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt