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Unbeschuhte Karmeliten (OCD) [rel.]

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Discalced Carmelites (O.C.D.)

Examples/ definitions with source references
Die Unbeschuhten Karmeliten (Ordenskürzel: OCD) sind der männliche Zweig der Reformbewegung des Teresianischen Karmels.
Barefoot Carmelites
Authorwmw (386353) 19 Feb 12, 20:36

Never ever heard of the word "discalced".... although it does exist in Google.

"Discalced" might be the proper word if you are writing to a group of Catholic scholars.

Otherwise, the term "barefooted" would be more easily understood by simple laypeople such as myself.


#1AuthorABC USA (763137) 21 Feb 12, 18:04
Entscheidend ist wohl, wie sich der Orden selbst bezeichnet, und das scheint in der Tat "Discalced Carmelites" zu sein: http://www.discalcedcarmel.com/ "Unbeschuht" ist übrigens auch im Deutschen ein höchst ungebräuchliches Wort.
#2AuthorRE1 (236905) 21 Feb 12, 18:13
Context/ examples
discalced [dɪsˈkælst]
(Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) barefooted: used to denote friars and nuns who wear sandals

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

#3Authorwmw (386353) 21 Feb 12, 23:21
Yes, Discalced Carmelites is the correct term. Perhaps because the Carmelites are not a particularly large order, the term is not well known, but it is known by those who have any contact with that order. I would only use the term "barefooted" in this context to explain to someone what the name of the order means.
#4AuthorSharper (238296) 22 Feb 12, 04:57
#5Authornoli (489500) 22 Feb 12, 07:32
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