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without permanent home - ohne festen Wohnsitz

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without a permanent home (or) address


ohne festen Wohnsitz

Examples/ definitions with source references
•of no fixed abode legal British
without a permanent home
Thesaurus entry for this meaning of abode

BUT pl.: children, students .. without permanent homes
Authorwmw (386353) 29 Feb 12, 10:06
@wmw: This is not a Macmillan Thesaurus entry, but an explanation of the meaning of "of no fixed abode"

"ohne festen Wohnsitz" is an official term, "without permanent home" is not.
#1AuthorM-A-Z (306843) 29 Feb 12, 13:35
Context/ examples
Homelessness: the condition of living without permanent home or shelter and relying on temporary means of shelter.

The homeless are, by definition, without permanent home.

Annapolis alderman without permanent home

Percentage of children in the system who leave at 18 without permanent home
2009: 8.2 percent
2010: 9.8 percent

I don't actually start work until August, which means I am without permanent home for a little while.

The children of Israel had wandered for nearly a half-millennium without permanent home;

The new body was established by the charity Centrepoint who supports people without permanent home under the age of twenty-four.

But for millions of Americans living without permanent home, this lifestyle is a never-ending nightmare.
@wmw: Woher nimmst Du die Überzeung, dass die in LEO eingetragene Formulierung "without permanent home" falsch sei?
#2Authorlunatic. (406119) 29 Feb 12, 13:56
I'd also expect an 'a' wherever people are writing in complete sentences, i.e. in standard writing not using headline style. 'Home' is countable. I have 'a home'; I don't have 'home'.

No results found for "without permanent home" site:gov.uk.

"without permanent home" site:gov
2 results
#3AuthorCM2DD (236324) 29 Feb 12, 14:54
Mark it AE?
#4AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 29 Feb 12, 16:25
2 Google hits for it on US government sites
5 on US university sites http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls...
None on the Washington Post site
None on the NY Times site
None on the WHO site
None on the National Coalition for the Homeless site (USA)

Can't find anything suggesting that this is in use in the USA. I would guess that many of the Google hits are headlines and other telegram-style uses or people accidentally dropping the 's' on 'homes'.
#5AuthorCM2DD (236324) 29 Feb 12, 16:43
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