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sago palm [bot.] - die Sagopalme, wiss.: Metroxylon sagu

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current LEO-entry (aus dem Französisch-Wörterbuch):
Dictionary: Sagopalme
• sagoutier m. [bot.] = die Sagopalme


sago Pronunciation: /ˈseɪgəʊ/
Definition of sago
noun (plural sagos)
1 [mass noun] edible starch which is obtained from a palm and is a staple food in parts of the tropics. The pith inside the trunk is scraped out, washed, and dried to produce a flour or processed to produce the granular sago used in the West.
2 (sago palm) the palm from which most sago is obtained, growing in freshwater swamps in SE Asia.
Metroxylon sagu, family Palmae
mid 16th century: from Malay sagu (originally via Portuguese)

Metroxylon sagu Rottb.
Common Name(s): sago palm [English]


Taxon: Metroxylon sagu Rottb.
Common names:
sago palm (Source: Dict Rehm) – English
Sagopalme (Source: Dict Rehm) – German


Metroxylon sagu

Metroxylon sagu / xi gu ye zi, 西谷耶子 / Sagopalme

Sagopalme, die
Palme mit kurzem, lange Ausläufer bildendem Stamm, langen, gefiederten Blättern und trockenen, schuppigen, glänzenden Früchten
Native to Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, & Fiji. Cultivated; naturalized in India & Samoa.
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Other English names (not proposed):
common sago palm
true sago palm

Andere deutsche Namen (nicht vorgeschlagen):
Echte Sagopalme

Taxonomic citation:
Metroxylon sagu Rottbøll, Nye Samling af det Kongelige Danske Videnskabers Selskabs Skrifter 2: 527. 1783.

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