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to be off - gehen

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to be off


weg sein, fort sein

Examples/ definitions with source references
1. From a place or position: drove off.
a. At a certain distance in space or time: a mile off; a week off.
b. From a given course or route; aside: swerved off into a ditch.
c. Into a state of unconsciousness: I must have dozed off.
a. So as to be no longer on, attached, or connected: shaved off his mustache.
b. So as to be divided: marked off the playing field by yards.
4. So as to be no longer continuing, operating, or functioning: switched off the radio.
5. So as to be completely removed, finished, or eliminated: kill off the mice.
6. So as to be smaller, fewer, or less: Sales dropped off.
7. So as to be away from work or duty: They took a day off.
8. Offstage.

to go off = (weg)gehen
Authorwmw (386353) 26 Nov 12, 18:55
I'm off = Ich bin dann mal weg. Oder?
#1Authorkrazy_mom (D) (238333) 27 Nov 12, 08:40
Context/ examples
3 starting a journey or race; leaving:
we’re off on holiday tomorrow
the gunmen made off on foot
they’re off!

I'm off now - see you tomorrow.
She's off to Canada next week.

I must be off now (=I must leave).

leaving a place, or going away from something
be off: If you don't need me any more, I'll be off.
be off to: I'm off to Scotland next Tuesday.

7. Started on the way; going: I'm off to see the president.

Don't know if this is just BE or something, but I'd say it's an OK translation.
#2AuthorCM2DD (236324) 27 Nov 12, 08:57
...wohingegen die vorgeschlagene Verbesserung, "to go off", doch eher "schlecht werden, verderben" heißt - the milk has gone off.
Oder explodieren.
#3AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 27 Nov 12, 09:42
'He went off' means 'He went away', too.
#4AuthorCM2DD (236324) 27 Nov 12, 09:48
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