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    bean - der Kopf / die Birne / die Rübe / die Nuss ...

    Neuer Eintrag

    bean Sl. - der Kopf / die Birne / die Rübe / die Nuss ...

    Weitere Neueinträge

    to bean so.

    ugs. -

    jmdm. eins auf die Rübe geben


    to bean so.

    ugs. -

    jmdm. auf den Kopf schlagen

    not to have a bean

    fig. -

    keinen roten/lumpigen Heller haben


    ugs. -

    der Schlag

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    bean - die Bohne
    not worth a brass farthing - keinen roten Heller wert
    to conk so. (chiefly Amer.) [coll.] - jmdm. eins auf die Rübe geben [ugs.]

    Siehe auch: bob you on the friggin' bean

    (to hit on the head)
    Siehe auch: All the whales they've beaned.
    Siehe auch: "to bean the batter" and "black-and-blue rule" (baseball)

    (a small amount)
    Siehe auch: not to have got a bean to o's name - keinen ...

    Random House unabridged:
    bean - ... 4. (Slang.) a person's head. 5. (Brit. Slang.) a coin, esp. a sovereign or guinea: I haven't a bean. 6. beans, [Informal.] the slightest amount: He doesn't know beans about navigation. ... —v.t. 9. to hit on the head, esp. with a baseball.

    Webster's 3rd unabridged:
    ¹bean - ... 2 a: a valueless item: not worth a bean. b (slang Brit): a sovereign or a guinea c: a small amount of money {he didn't have a bean when they were married} {haven't spent a bean on it in years} d (slang): DOLLAR e beans pl: an appreciable amount {he doesn't know beans about it} ... 6: ... b: HEAD, SKULL, BRAIN {every whim and caprice which enters his bean —Henry Miller}
    ²bean - (vt) to strike typically with a hurled or propelled object and on the head {a caddie beaned by a wild shot}; specif: to hit (a baseball batter) esp. on the head with a pitched ball

    bean - a: ... he hasn't got a bean - (Brit, inf) er hat keinen roten /or/ lumpigen Heller

    Internet examples (Uni Leipzig text corpus):
    • local officials appeared as dazed and confused as a batter beaned by a fastball
    • outfielder ..., who suffered a concussion when beaned during a 9-1 victory against China on Monday
    • Most people want to avoid getting beaned by 80-85 mph fastballs
    • In 1983, Hall of Famer Dave Winfield beaned a seagull with a warm-up toss and was arrested for animal cruelty, although the charges were soon dropped
    • Arizona hurler Randy Johnson once beaned a dove as it flew directly into his fastball during a 2001 spring training game in Arizona
    • When the victim told the suspect he didn't have any money - or at least no money for him - the assailant beaned the victim with a can of soda


    This came up in a thread today. If German speakers have more idiomatic suggestions for the translations, that's fine with me.

    *edit* (Whew -- I evidently nearly deleted this whole thread by mistake instead of starting a new one, but hopefully this will restore it.)
    Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 15 Jan. 13, 02:14
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