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to tick sth., to tick so. off, ticking off - (various -- mark AE/BE)

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Examples/ definitions with source references
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1) (criticize, scold) -- mark [Brit.]
ticking off - das Ausschimpfen
ticking-off - der Rüffel
ticking-off [coll.] - die Gardinenpredigt
to tick so. off [coll.] - jmdn. heruntermachen [ugs.]
to tick so. off [coll.] - jmdn. zusammenstauchen [ugs.]

2) (make a check mark, check off a list) -- mark [Brit.]
ticking off - das Abhaken
ticking off - Überprüfen und Abhaken
to tick off - ankreuzen
to tick sth. - etw.[Akk.] abhaken
to tick sth. - etw.[Akk.] anhaken
to tick sth. - etw.[Akk.] ankreuzen
to tick sth. - etw.[Akk.] anstreichen (ankreuzen)
to tick sth. ⇔ off - etw.[Akk.] abhaken
to tick sth. ⇔ off - etw.[Akk.] anhaken
to tick a box - ein Kästchen ankreuzen

3) (anger, annoy) -- mark [Amer.]? (or is this now also BE?) and change [sl.] to [coll.]
to tick so. off [coll.] - jmdn. verärgern
to tick so. off [sl.] - jmdm. auf die Nerven gehen

Dictionary: ticked

All these areas of meaning need to be marked AE and BE. I've done a preliminary sorting out above, but in the new version I can only ever see one page of dictionary results, so if there were any beyond that, someone else will need to locate them.

In a related thread I'll suggest additional entries for ticked etc. as an adjective in the sense of (3) AE.

If I have time I may come back and add dictionary citations, or in the meantime anyone else is welcome to; but the previous forum discussions are pretty conclusive.
Authorhm -- us (236141) 26 Oct 13, 02:02
Context/ examples

1. mark, indicate, mark off, check off, choose, select Please tick here if you do not want to receive such mailings.
2. click, tap, clack, ticktock A clock ticked busily from the kitchen counter.
tick over idle He sat in the car with the engine ticking over.
tick someone off
1. (Informal) scold, rebuke, tell someone off (informal), lecture, carpet (informal), censure, reprimand, reproach, berate, chide, tear into (informal), reprove, upbraid, take someone to task, read someone the riot act, bawl someone out (informal), chew someone out (U.S. & Canad. informal), tear someone off a strip (Brit. informal), haul someone over the coals (informal), give someone a rocket (Brit. & N.Z. informal) His mum ticked him off when they got home.
2. (U.S.) annoy, bother, bug (informal), irritate, disturb, aggravate, gall, irk, get on your nerves (informal), get up your nose (informal), get your back up (informal) I just think it's rude and it's really ticking me off.
tick something off mark off, check off, put a tick at He ticked off my name on a piece of paper.

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

2. to tick off (AE)(inform.)
= auf die Palme bringen, auf die Nerven gehen
= (vulg.) auf den Sack gehen
#1Authorwmw (386353) 26 Oct 13, 10:17
Though not (inform.), that means Informatik or something else in LEO's system.

The Collins entry is interesting, but like so many British dictionaries, it doesn't appear to question whether something may be only BE, so it only marks the AE sense as AE and fails to mark the BE sense (1) as BE.

Nevertheless, so far we haven't had any AE speakers say they recognized my senses (1) and (2) as AE, or any BE speakers say they recognized sense (3) as BE. In the absence of further feedback, I would take silence to signal consent, and I think it would be more helpful to go ahead and make the markings than to leave the conflicting senses unmarked.

That way, if German speakers come across a sentence like 'She ticked him off,' they'll stand a better chance of guessing whether it means 'Sie hat ihn gescholten' or 'Sie hat ihn abgehakt' (BE) or 'Sie hat ihn verärgert' (AE).
#2Authorhm -- us (236141) 28 Oct 13, 20:41
I recognize senses 2 and 3 in AE.
I do not recognize sense 1 in AE.

Here is one example from the LA Times - written by a native of California:

"I thought, if Barack Obama was a state, he'd be California," Shriver said as the crowd of thousands roared in a chorus that rose as she ticked off each attribute: "Diverse. Open. Smart. Independent. Bucks tradition. Innovative. Inspirational. Dreamer. Leader."

It may be more common in BE and less common in AE, but I know that I have heard it often and have used it myself.
#3Authorsvaihingen (705121) 30 Oct 13, 20:05
Thanks for the feedback, svaihingen.

That's an interesting point, because the example you cite is actually a figurative sense, mentally checking off a list. That seems plausible to me that it might also be used occasionally in AE, but would you also use 'tick off' for literally making check marks on paper?

Maybe [chiefly BE] would be a reasonable compromise? Or maybe it really has now spread to AE more than I was aware -- just as some BE speakers felt (3) had now spread to BE, but others thought it was AE.

Maybe others will still comment.
#4Authorhm -- us (236141) 30 Oct 13, 20:35
Webster's New Illustrated of 1911 lists one meaning of tick as a verb meaning to mark off with a tick.
#5Authorsvaihingen (705121) 31 Oct 13, 00:18
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