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    course requirements

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Die Teilnehmer erreichen ihr Kursziel, wenn sie die angegebenen Bedingungen erfüllen.
    The participants meet the course requirements if they comply with the terms.
    AuthorJosi 7 (764066) 01 Mar 14, 11:35
    Die Requirements sind die Eingangsvoraussetzungen.
    Wie waer's mit learning goals?
    #1AuthorJuttaC (990333) 01 Mar 14, 15:59
    .... if they imply learning goals.

    sounds very good to me, thank you, Jutta.
    #2AuthorJosi 7 (764066) 01 Mar 14, 16:12
    ???? Deine #2 ist wohl großer Unkonzentriertheit geschuldet:
    1) siehe 'imply'. Das heißt was ganz anderes, nämlich 'implizieren'. Du meinst 'comply (with)'.
    2) Und siehe den ganzen Satz. Du hast JuttaCs Einwand und Korrektur auf den falschen Satzteil angewandt.
    #3AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 01 Mar 14, 16:47
    The participants learning goals if they comply stated conditions.

    #4AuthorJosi 7 (764066) 02 Mar 14, 16:22

    The participants achieve their learning goals/objectives if they comply with the conditions stated.
    #5Authortomtom[uk] (762098) 02 Mar 14, 16:39
    #4, josi,
    zur Erläuterung

    1) learning goals = Lernziele
    nicht_ 'Ziele lernen'.... 'learning' ist hier kein Verb, sondern ein Substantiv, wie auch 'goals'.
    2) Dein Satz in #4 wäre ja grammatikalisch auch gar nicht möglich.
    3) immer 'to comply with sth.'
    #6AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 02 Mar 14, 17:42
    danke für die Erläuterung und besonders für den Vorschlag von tomtom.

    learning goals/objectives - Lernziele

    Kursziel - course requirements
    #7AuthorJosi 7 (764066) 02 Mar 14, 17:55

    Ich hinterfrage immer noch, ob
    Kursziel - course requirements
    #8AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 02 Mar 14, 18:37
    I've followed the link and I'm more than irritated. How can Kursziel mean requirements as well as meaning (obviously) goals/objectives? There should at least be an entry indicating that it can mean goals/objectives, even if it is supposed to (primarily) mean requirements. It doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something? Is this a really bad dictionary? (I've never used it before.) Leo only gives aim and objective.

    #9Authortomtom[uk] (762098) 02 Mar 14, 18:46
    ziehe somit "course requirementa" zurück
    danke euch sehr für euer Insistieren.
    #10AuthorJosi 7 (764066) 02 Mar 14, 19:34

    "Die Requirements sind die Eingangsvoraussetzungen."

    Wrong. You would have "prerequisites" to get into a class/course of study (unless you spoke of "entrance requirements")

    While I find VERY many of the entries from TU Chemnitz to be questionable, I'm not sure this one is bad. You can definitely have course requirements as the criteria that must be fulfilled in order to pass a course (in the US, for example, that could be 3 hourly exams and a final exam, a short paper turned in weekly and a major term paper). So, if you fail to turn in the term paper, you have not met the course requirements.

    Learning objectives are a different ball of wax.

    A learning objective for a biology class could be that you understand the relationship between respiration and photosynthesis (if there happens to be one...). You can fail to meet the course requirements but still meet the learning objective (although in the US, that likely wouldn't help your grade!)
    #11Authorhbberlin (420040) 03 Mar 14, 13:26
    OT re #9: I'm more than irritated

    Don't you mean confused? OK, perhaps you're irritated too, but that's something else! :-)
    #12AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 03 Mar 14, 18:45
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