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miteinander spielen

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play together

Examples/ definitions with source references
The children play together in the street and they are happy.
I'm of the opinion it should be "play with each other". But I can't say why. Where's the difference?
Authormarilys (482192) 02 Apr 15, 01:23
I see your point. But as a single sentence, there doesn't seem to be much difference with either version.

Maybe there's more context, leading you to chose one form over the other?

IMO, together does suggest "as a group" whereas "with each other" has a different connotation, like specific individuals versus excluding certain children (in the neighborhood).
#1AuthorMein Fritz (862420) 02 Apr 15, 01:35
Thank you, that's exactly the point.
The sentence ist taken from a text in which the author speaks about discrimination, describing a scene in his hometown where children of various ethnic origins are playing without excluding someone because of e.g. the skin colour or origin.
#2Authormarilys (482192) 02 Apr 15, 01:48

with one another

z.B. "The children happily play with one another in the street."
#3AuthorSchreibsler (1021303) 02 Apr 15, 09:49
I would see "play together" as correct.
They all together play a game or play with with something

"play with each other" implements that each child sees the other as a toy to play with
#4AuthorPongo Bintang (971877) 02 Apr 15, 10:49
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