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    stately home - das Englische Königshaus


    stately home


    das Englische Königshaus

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    From Shakespeare through Jane Austen to Evelyn Waugh and P.G.Wodehouse, nothing has conjured up images of majesty, opulence, power and debauchery more than the stately home.
    Ich habe hier das Wort ''stately home'' mit das Englische Königshaus übersetzt. Da ja im Kontext einige britische Figuren auftauchen,wäre es denn besser wenn ich nur ''Königshaus'' schreibe anstatt ''das Englische Königshaus''?

    Danke im Voraus
    Verfasser desposyni (759385) 01 Mai 15, 11:14
    #0: Ich habe hier das Wort ''stately home'' mit das Englische Königshaus übersetzt.

    I doubt that can ever be correct in any context. Look again at what "stately home" (a collocation) means.
    #1VerfasserKinkyAfro (587241) 01 Mai 15, 11:31
    Agree with desposyni

    Means großes Herrschaftshaus, not Königshaus
    #2VerfasserLinton (253790) 01 Mai 15, 11:44
    This is a very curious error. In 'Königshaus', 'haus' means 'house' in the sense of dynasty. 'home' never, ever means that. A 'home' is a physical or metaphorical place. Then 'stately' has nothing to do with 'state' in the sense of country, but 'state' in the sense of 'magnificence', and is more akin to German 'stattlich'. A 'stately home' is a Schloss or château.
    #3Verfasserescoville (237761) 01 Mai 15, 12:18
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    There is a Leo entry for stately home.

    And I've just had a fascinating five minutes reading the Wikipedia page on stately homes/country houses, which explains the 'three categories' of stately home (power houses, minor country houses and Victorian houses) and why some English stately homes are castles, some palaces, some manors, some houses etc
    #4Verfasserpapousek (343122) 01 Mai 15, 12:35
    #2: Agree with desposyni

    I presume you meant me... :-)

    #4: power houses

    power houses?!

    A bit OT, but do (real) toffs actually use "stately home" themselves, I wonder?
    #5VerfasserKinkyAfro (587241) 01 Mai 15, 12:39
    Probably by the owners they're just known as 'home'... I bet 'stately home' is most used by NT and English Heritage visitors! From Wiki:

    The term "stately home" is subject to debate and indifferent use, and avoided by historians and other academics. As a description of a country house, the term was first used in a poem by Felicia Hemans, The Homes of England, originally published in Blackwood's Magazine in 1827. In the 20th century, the term was later popularised in a song by Noël Coward,[4] and in modern usage it often implies a country house that is open to visitors at least some of the time.

    In England, the terms "country house" and "stately home" are sometimes used vaguely and interchangeably; however, many country houses such as Ascott in Buckinghamshire were deliberately designed not to be stately, and to harmonise with the landscape, while some of the great houses such as Kedleston Hall and Holkham Hall were built as "power houses" to dominate the landscape, and were most certainly intended to be "stately" and impressive
    #6Verfasserpapousek (343122) 01 Mai 15, 12:59
    Probably by the owners they're just known as 'home'

    Or as "our place in the country" or "... in --shire" (as opposed to their house in London).

    Cf. Sir Leicester Dedlock in Dickens, Bleak House:

    "... I never knew my Lady swoon before. But the weather is extremely trying, and she really has been bored to death down at our place in Lincolnshire."
    #7VerfasserHecuba - UK (250280) 01 Mai 15, 14:40
    Perhaps 'estate' or 'country estate'

    #8Verfasserpumpkin_3 (765445) 01 Mai 15, 18:11
    The Stately Homes of England by Noel Coward
    sind einfach pracht/prunkvolle Wohnsitze/Familienanwesen (?)
    #9Verfassernoli (489500) 01 Mai 15, 18:55
    Gänzlich unprofessionelle Quelle, hier aber mMn recht zuverlässig:
    Auf den DVDs der Jane-Austen-Serien und -Filme gibt es mehrfach bei den "Extras" Infos zu den "stately homes" (besonders schön und ausführlich auf der DVD der 2005er Version von "Pride and Prejudice" mit Keira Knightley), in denen gefilmt wurde, und das würde #9 bestätigen.

    Vielleicht auch schlicht: Landsitz(e). Das impliziert doch schon ein gewisses Maß an Pracht bzw. Prunk oder "Status".
    #10Verfasserlisalaloca (488291) 06 Mai 15, 13:21

    #10: Je nach Kontext, aber nicht generell: "stately homes in London" site:uk - Google Suche

    #11VerfasserRominara (1294573) 14 Aug. 23, 17:02
    Kontext/ Beispiele


    stately home

    A stately home is a very large old house, especially one that people can pay to visit. [mainly British]

    British English: a large mansion, esp one open to the public

    Synonyms: mansion, hall, palace, château

    American English:

    British: a country mansion, usually of architectural interest and often open to the public



    stately home - herrschaftliches Anwesen, Schloss

    #12VerfasserMiMo (236780) 14 Aug. 23, 21:26

    Zu KinkyAfro (long time no see...) hätte ja das Liedzitat aus "Sunny Afternoon" (1966) von den Kinks gepasst:

    The tax man's taken all my dough

    And left me in my stately home

    Lazin' on a sunny afternoon

    And I can't sail my yacht

    He's taken everything I've got

    All I've got's this sunny afternoon.

    #13Verfasserreverend (314585)  15 Aug. 23, 09:08

    Noch ein Beispiel für den BE-Gebrauch. Warning: contains strong language; not for the faint of heart 😉


    #14VerfasserB.L.Z. Bubb (601295)  15 Aug. 23, 10:19

    I went to see a stately home last week. It wasn't a castle, it wasn't a palace, it was just a very big and fancy 1700s country house.

    The National Trust, who owns it, calls it an 'unstately home' because it's a mess inside!


    "With peeling paintwork and overgrown courtyards, Calke Abbey tells the story of the dramatic decline of a country house estate. The house and stables are little restored, with many abandoned areas vividly portraying a period in the 20th century when numerous country houses did not survive to tell their story."

    #15Verfasserpapousek (343122)  15 Aug. 23, 12:21
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