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balance bike -- for children - Laufrad

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John Lewis "Bikes and Balance Bikes"

Mumsnet balance bike reviews

Why my son rides a balance bike 

...my three-year-old daughter Pasha had, by now, managed to master the pedal-less balance bike she'd been given for Christmas.

also from http://www.theguardian.com/news/2007/mar/03/g...

Balance bikes

This form of pedal-less bike allows kids as young as 18 months to ride with a gliding/walking motion - and there's no need for stabilisers. Likeabike (£107.50: www.likeabike.co.uk) is the forerunner of the balance bike revolution, with various birch-framed models for indoor or outdoor use. The birch ply Early Rider (from £60, www.earlyrider.com) features a smooth, ergonomic design reminiscent of 70s choppers. For mod cool, the Skipper Balance Scooter (£90, www.skippertoys.com/scooter.html) is based on a Vespa design, with cosy sheepskin seat cover £8.50 extra.

An additional English entry for Laufrad to accompany the existing

training bike - for children
trainer bike - for children

I've left this without an AE or BE tag for now, because while it's definitely the BE term, I can't speak for AE. I've included the Amazon.com listings for balance bikes.

Elsewhere (Siehe auch: run bike - Laufrad and Siehe auch: Laufrad - learner's bike???) ) 'run bike' is also suggested, but in BE these are known, really commonly, as balance bikes.

Verfasserpapousek (343122) 18 Aug 15, 14:57
Kontext/ Beispiele
Personal anecdote: I gave one to my niece's son in the US a bit ago (ordered from Amazon.com) -- but I never used a specific name to refer to it.

Just a couple of months ago, I heard his grandfather and his mother refer to it as a "balance bike."

These bikes are not yet terribly widespread in the US, but they aren't unknown, either. (I saw several of them when I was there.)

The link (in #6) to "draisine" in Wiki shows a rail vehicle. While "draisine" is not a helpful suggestion, the article does have a link to another article: Balance Bicycle

I suspect, though, that there is no single term for the items, though. I suspect "run bike" (even if it comes up on English-language sites) is really a translation of the German term rather than a proper English name for the bikes.

While I can't exclude "training bike" or similar, to me, that sounds like a normal bike with training wheels attached, which is what we used to use.
#1Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 18 Aug 15, 17:05
Thanks hbberlin, that's an AE vote for balance bike, too.

Just linking to the 'run bike' new entry thread that you've just commented on, which suggests that the standard AE term is also balance bike.

Siehe auch: run bike - Laufrad
#2Verfasserpapousek (343122) 18 Aug 15, 17:12
I can't add to the terminological discussion, but as a (German) father of four, I'd like to share my experiences with "balance bikes":

They're fantastic.

All four of my kids learned to ride one of these things before their second birthday. That made it amazingly easy for them to transition to a regular bicycle later on, without the need for training wheels or any extensive amount of practice.

My daughter got a regular bicycle for her third birthday and learned to ride it on her own within five minutes.

Laufräder haven't been around for too long in Germany. I didn't have one as a kid, and I remember days and weeks of practicing on a regular bicycle with training wheels when I was about five or six.

#3VerfasserJalapeño (236154) 18 Aug 15, 17:46
Kontext/ Beispiele
Run Bike Canada: What is a Balance Bike?

Balance Bike Definition: A Balance Bike is a bike that has no pedals and no training wheels.
haha, thanks Jalapeno, I'm just checking all the local second-hand websites to see if there are any on offer round here! I saw a 3 1/2 year old riding a bike on Saturday with no stabilisers, and his parents also said it was due to the balance bike.
#4Verfasserpapousek (343122) 19 Aug 15, 11:03
I'm old enough to have learned how to cycle without these Laufräder, too, but for the balance-part of cycling we used to have scooters (Roller) - at least I thought that's what half their purpose was.

Also, if children learn to cycle practically by themselves, the lovely rite of passage where dads run after their kids in the park, holding on to their bikes' racks, will cease to exist.

Laufräder are also good for covering large distances with small children without having to use a pushchair or carrying them.

#5VerfasserSpinatwachtel (341764) 19 Aug 15, 11:20
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