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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    alcoholic poisoning - akute Alkoholvergiftung

    Wrong entry

    alcoholic poisoning med. - akute Alkoholvergiftung


    acute alcohol poisoning

    med. -

    akute Alkoholvergiftung

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    alcoholic poisoning --- die Alkoholvergiftung  Pl.: die Alkoholvergiftungen
    alcohol intoxication [med.]  --- die Alkoholvergiftung  Pl.: die Alkoholvergiftungen
    alcohol poisoning [med.] --- die Alkoholvergiftung  Pl.: die Alkoholvergiftungen
    alcoholic intoxication [med.] --- die Alkoholvergiftung  Pl.: die Alkoholvergiftungen
    acute alcoholic intoxication [med.] --- akute Alkoholvergiftung
    alcoholic poisoning [med.] --- akute Alkoholvergiftung

    "acute alcoholic poisoning" --- Cerca de 3,090 resultados
    "acute alcohol poisoning" --- Cerca de 30,500 resultados
    Im Vergleich zu den anderen Einträgen scheint bei diesem "acute" auf der englischen Seite zu fehlen. Und die Version ohne -ic ist anscheinend um eine Größenordnung gebräuchlicher (auf Google Books ist das Verhältnis ausgeglichen, aber die ic-Version erscheint in tendenziell älteren Quellen).
    Author Wachtelkönig (396690) 15 Feb 16, 21:56
    Context/ examples
    COCA (1990-2015, BYU):
    alcoholic poisoning - 0
    alcohol poisoning - 75

    COHA (1810-2009, BYU):
    alcohol poisoning - 13 (5 1924-30, 1 1981, 7 1993-2005)
    alcoholic poisoning - 6 (1924-1942)

    To me 'alcoholic' just sounds wrong in collocation with 'poisoning' in modern English and could probably now be deleted, at least as far as AE is concerned. ('Alcoholic poisoning' sounds, if anything, like 'Wie man einen Alkoholiker vergiftet.')

    'Alcoholic (/ alcohol) intoxication,' on the other hand, could be just a formal, legal, or medical term for drunkenness. If so, Vergiftung may not be quite the right translation.
    #1Authorhm -- us (236141) 15 Feb 16, 23:25
    For what it's worth, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) uses the term "alcohol poisoning". I agree with hm -- us that "alcoholic poisoning" sounds wrong.
    #2Authorpatman2 (527865) 16 Feb 16, 00:07
    I agree with hm--us that "alcohol poisoning" is current usage, for BE as well as AE, but "alcoholic poisoning" was sometimes noted as the cause of death in the past, so is possibly of interest to those seeking their ancestors ...
    #3AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 17 Feb 16, 09:23
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