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    red alder - der Kap-Löffelbaum, wiss.: Cunonia capensis

    New entry

    red alder bot. - der Kap-Löffelbaum, wiss.: Cunonia capensis

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    butterspoon tree

    bot. -

    der Kap-Löffelbaum, wiss.: Cunonia capensis

    butterknife tree

    bot. -

    der Kap-Löffelbaum, wiss.: Cunonia capensis

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    TreeCo (South Africa):
    Cunonia capensis (Red alder)
    Cunonia Capensis: The Red Alder of South Africa
    Knysna Woodworkers (South Africa):
    Red AlderCunonia capensis
    Sun Trees (South Africa):
    Cunonia capensisButterspoon treeRed Alder – […]
    PlantZAfrica (South African National Biodiversity Insitute):
    Cunonia capensis L.
    Common Names: Butterspoon Tree (English); Rooiels (Afrikaans); umLulama (Zulu)
    Exotic Plants (Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg):
    Cunonia capensis, called butterspoon tree, is a tree with a pair of stipules which enclose the growth tip.
    Awa Nursery (New Zealand):
    Cunonia capensis Butterknife Tree
    Leafland (New Zealand):
    Cunonia capensis – (Butterknife Tree)
    Tom’s Garden (California):
    Cunonia capensis (Butterknife Tree)
    Hortipedia – GartenInfoPortal (Homburg, Saarland):
    Cunonia capensis, umgangssprachlich Kap-Löffelbaum, ist ein Strauch.
    Cunonia capensis L.
    Deutscher Name:
    Kap-Löffelbaum (Cunonia capensis)
    Native to South Africa & Mozambique.
    Other English names (not proposed):
    African red alder
    Cape cunonia
    Andere deutsche Namen (nicht vorgeschlagen):
    die Kap-Cunonie
    Taxonomic citation:
    Cunonia capensis Linnaeus, Systema Naturae (ed. 10) 2: 1025. 1759.
    Other scientific synonyms (not proposed):
    Oosterdyckia capensis (L.) Crantz (1766)
    The name of the genus honors Johann Christian Cuno (1708–1783), German merchant, writer, & poet, who grew exotic plants in his botanical garden near Amsterdam.  (So named by Carl von Linnaeus, Systema Naturae (ed. 10) 2: 1013. 1759.)  See:
    Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (1876), Artikel über Cuno, Johann Christian
    English Wikipedia article on Johann Christian Cuno
    5056 - Cunoniaceae
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