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forum - Pl.: forums, fora - (various)

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forum Pl.: forums (seltener auch:) fora



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Thanks to Kinky for bringing this to our attention again.

So far, all native speakers who have commented seem to have voted for 'forums,' with MikeE as the one exception.

Since I didn't have much luck with 'selten' the last time, what about 'seltener auch'?

I just still wish that LEO had, overall, an clearer way to mark a clear difference in usage between one commonly used word, and another that's noticeably less common in actual use, much more a dictionary artifact. Just listing the two as if they were equal is a disservice to the users. (Even if I have been saying that for over a decade now, without much effect. Sorry to persist, but I still feel that especially in the case of a an online dictionary, practical benefit is more important to the end users than academic references such as (older) dictionaries.)

I suspect that the ratio in modern usage is sharply in favor of 'forums,' but without doing a long corpus search, I can't tell how much so. Once again, thank you to anyone who has a moment to help out.
Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 18 Mär 17, 00:40
Kontext/ Beispiele
COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English):
fora - 261 hits
The vast majority are typos ...
• find what I'm looking fora half-crumpled pack of cigarettes
• Women often have a specific person in mind that they care fora child, a spouse, a friend, a cousin.
• Fora few hours, a few days, or even a week, guests could buyhomemade
• Rachel rummaged through her purse fora handkerchief
• paid $13,000 fora three-bedroom in Detroit in 2009 after the market crashed
• decorated fora Victorian Christmas
• I'm gon na go fora walk around the block to get my appetite going.

... or a foreign language or foreign-language typo ...
• a iniciativa de uma associao de museus latino-americanos estava fora da agenda dos ...
• A state police force, the Fora [Forza?] Verde, or Green Police, patrols the three reserves ...
• representation of the Brazilian paradox may have reflected a certain pessimism -- as in " Fora da ordem " and " O cu do mundo " from the album Circulado
• band of the Second Battalion of Military Police of Juiz de Fora

... with far less than half meaning 'forums' ...
(95/261, 36%)
• chance through social media and other fora to create real partnerships. between all these wonderful non-governmental organizations ...
• funds for strengthening international surveillance, detection, and response. In addition, multiple fora for coordinating pandemic-related work were either newly created or subsumed into existing mandates ...
• ... Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN) to international (e.g., the WHO); these fora received new financial investment and support to enhance pandemic influenza preparedness and response capabilities
• the U.S. does benefit from seeking it in fora that others regard as legitimate
• Yet joint participation in arms control fora have [sic] helped states move past recrimination to solutions ...
• and well-informed debate on these topics, in the media as well as in other fora, is necessary
• bureau to have significant and vigorous oversight from a variety of forums and -- fora, and that that is one.

Contrast that to 'forums,' which brings 2126 hits.

So in total,

261 + 2126 = 2387
95 + 2126 = 2221

In either case, if my math is correct, only about 4% of hits use 'fora' as the plural instead of 'forums.'

For me, that's uncommon enough to deserve a marking.
#1Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 18 Mär 17, 11:07
Das unterstütze ich.
Mir ist der engl. Plural 'fora' eigentlich noch nie außerhalb von wissenschaftlichen Texten über antiken Städtebau/klassische Archäologie/Geschichte begegnet. Übrigens ganz ähnlich wie im Deutschen, wo nur der alltagstaugliche dt. Plural verzeichnet wird, nicht der lateinische.
#2VerfasserSelima (107) 18 Mär 17, 14:37
Kontext/ Beispiele
forum.  The standard plural forums has predominated in AmE since the early 1930s and in BrE since the mid-1970s. Although *fora was prevalent in earlier periods, it is now pedantic ARCHISM
But some writers, especially in political science and law, persist in using the Latinate plural.

Current ratio (forums vs. *fora): 4:1


Fourth  Edition  (page 409)
Copyright © 2016 Bryan A. Garner
#3Verfasserme1 (236101) 18 Mär 17, 17:27
... and, as the Ngram-Viewer has no results ... and just for the fun of it :

forums                                                    fora
200                                                           37
#4Verfasserno me bré (700807) 18 Mär 17, 17:57
Auf der anderen Seite listet Gurgelbux über 1000 Bücher, in denen der Plural online fora verwendet wird: https://www.google.de/?gws_rd=ssl#q=%22online...
#5VerfasserCuauhtlehuanitzin (1009442) 19 Mär 17, 21:53
Thanks to everyone for additional research that included both sides.
The tendency in modern English seems very clear, which is what I wanted learners to know.

Re #5: Of course any number like that is meaningless without a ratio, namely, the comparison with the number of hits for 'forums.'
#6Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 20 Mär 17, 08:26
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