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morality [Subst.] - die Moralität [Subst.]

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(bildungssprachlich) moralische (1) Haltung; sittliches Empfinden, Verhalten; Sittlichkeit (2)

bildungssprachlich moralische Haltung; sittliches Empfinden, Verhalten; Sittlichkeit

1. 〈nur Sg.〉 Sittlichkeit, sittliches Bewusstsein; Ggs. Amoralität

a :  a doctrine or system of moral conductthe basic law which an adequate morality ought to state — Marjorie Greneb moralities plural :  particular moral principles or rules of conductwe were all brought up on one of these moralities — Psychiatry
3:  conformity to ideals of right human conduct admitted the expediency of the law but questioned its morality
4:  moral conduct :  virtuemorality today involves a responsible relationship toward the laws of the natural world — P. B. Sears

[uncountable] principles concerning right and wrong or good and bad behaviourmatters of public/private moralityStandards of morality seem to be dropping.See related entries: Moral
[uncountable] the degree to which something is right or wrong, good or bad, etc. according to moral principlesa debate on the morality of abortion
[uncountable, countable] a system of moral principles followed by a particular group of people
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