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  • Falscher Eintrag

    rock water - Quellwasser


    rock water (aqua petra) (alternative medicines)


    Rock Water

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
    Rock Water helps to restore the ability to be open minded and flexible in one’s beliefs. Those in need of Rock Water set themselves very high standards and impose very strict disciplines upon themselves in an effort to adhere to their high minded, idealistic principles. They hope to set an example for others to follow by forcing themselves to be saints or martyrs. As a result they live a very rigid lifestyle, often denying themselves even the smallest luxury. This self-punishing attitude creates deeply suppressed physical & emotional needs. The phrase ‘a sack cloth & ashes type’ sums up the acute state of this remedy very well. Rock Water helps to dissolve these personality traits bringing the understanding that it is loving acceptance of all aspects of self and freedom from dogma that allows us to make real and lasting inner change.

    27. Rock Water 30 ml
    30 ml
    Aqua petra
    Alc. 20 % vol.
    Unterstützt Sie, überholte starre Verhaltensweisen loszulassen. Sie dürfen sich im Fluß des Lebens anvertrauen.

    evtl. Quellwasser nach Bach, aber das erscheint mir problematisch als Eintrag.
    (kann nicht kopiert werden)

    Verfasser jamqueen (1129860) 26 Jul. 17, 09:10
    Is Rock Water (note capitalization) a proper name?
    In any case, I suggest deletion of all LEO entries with any form of rock water.
    #1VerfasserJurist (US) (804041) 26 Jul. 17, 09:16
    Another voice for a likely candidate for deletion. If you search for "rock water," just about every entry that comes up near the top has to do with Dr. Bach. If it's anything more than a product name, it's a special use limited to Bach.
    #2Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 26 Jul. 17, 10:04
    I would also support deletion.
    Note that this was being discussed here: Siehe auch: Quellwasser
    #3Verfasseramw (532814) 26 Jul. 17, 10:06
    I'm happy with a deletion.
    #4Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 26 Jul. 17, 10:48
    i'm also for deletion, never seen rockwater used in a scientific or general context, only in a marketing context.
    #5VerfasserAki-San (768377) 04 Aug. 17, 11:20
    #5: LEO is not limited to words from scientific contexts and a marketing context is as valid a "general context" as any other. What remains to be established is whether "rock water" is used as a commercial name only or whether it has become common parlance (among believers in or skeptics of Bach flowers).
    #6VerfasserRodos (930149) 07 Aug. 17, 09:42
    RE #6: Hmmmm.... a number of NESs have already weighed in here and in the discussion linked in #3 to indicate that the term is not an appropriate translation of "Quellwasser."

    Also, the search that I linked to in #2 clearly indicates that it is a term that is almost exclusively used by Bach &Co. for their products. [I know folks don't always like to follow links. Just use your favorite search engine to search for "rock water" (with that punctuation) to see the results that come up for that term.] When the term is used to refer to something else, it is typically a geographical feature somewhere (not a type of water) or in a name (such as of a resort).
    That said, it appears that the offending translation has already been removed (Thank you, Leo team!)

    OT: BTW -- "LEO is not limited to words from scientific contexts and a marketing context is as valid a "general context" as any other." is a run-on sentence and needs a comma before "and." (Sorry, that's one of my pet peeves -- and I'm amazed how many NESs who otherwise write decently make the same mistake.)
    #7Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 08 Aug. 17, 15:08
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