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    SAP Buchungssystem - SAP booking system


    SAP Buchungssystem


    SAP booking system

    not really into SAP. Is this correct? Sounds a little too literal..
    Verfasser jamqueen (1129860) 13 Sep. 17, 21:30
    SAP verwendet selbst "booking system" :

    SAP Library - Travel Planning (FI-TV-PL) - SAP Help Portal
    You can send the general data from an SAP travel request to a third-party online booking system and transfer booking data from a third-party online booking ...

    Appendix 7.3 HGV Booking System Step- by-Step Process Flowchart
    SAP booking system to create a high-level waste delivery plan. Step 2: A week in advance, in consultation with customers, the waste planner uses. SAP to create ...
    #1Verfasserno me bré (700807) 13 Sep. 17, 21:44
    Besten Dank!
    #2Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 14 Sep. 17, 10:41
    Re #0: Sounds a little too literal

    That seems to apply to a number of SAP's other English terms.
    #3VerfasserKinkyAfro (587241) 14 Sep. 17, 18:36
    Kinky, that's probably because SAP is German and they used local translators initially. Anyway, that's my guess.
    #4Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 14 Sep. 17, 19:17
    ...that's probably because SAP is German and they used local translators initially.
    Is that simply a euphemism for saying that they didn't use NESs and instead thought that they could get by with NGSs?
    From my experience with their systems, yes, and it shows in their products.
    There was once a market for translating their German "Hinweise" (dealing with development issues, fixing bugs, etc.) into English.
    The bottom dropped out of that, as I understand, when they decided that their non-NES software engineers or whatever would write the "Notes" in English themselves.
    I pity the folks who have to try to work with that.

    #5Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 16 Sep. 17, 22:00
    it is hbberlin. And yes, it's pretty ugly. Comparable to EU terminology but infinitely worse. Swabian efficiency? Not on this occasion. "Am falschen Zipfel (Ende) gespart" as they say.
    #6Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 16 Sep. 17, 22:34
    Arrggghhhh!! I was just being polite in the question, because I already knew the answer. Personally, I can't believe that any professional translator would translate into something that wasn't his/her native language, but, even here, we see that there are many who don't have any reservations against that.
    And there there are "official" EU translations into English (I won't compare how they do into other languages). Many are absolutely awful, but then they take on a life of their own because they're "official." Yuck.

    Going back to the OP and #1: I'd say that "booking system" isn't the worst when it comes to travel reservations (you can "book" a flight, which basically means that you have made a reservation), and there might be other uses among SAP's programs/modules where that would work -- but I'm sure that SAP has misused it within its system.
    #7Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 16 Sep. 17, 23:38
    I know you did but perhaps readers didn't ;-))

    yes, yes and yes.
    #8Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 17 Sep. 17, 19:31

    Kontext/ Beispiele

    I have worked as a consultant to an EU translator in Brussels, and he has lived for so many decades outside of his home country (USA, in a Polish- speaking household) translating Polish, Russian, French, and German into BE and EU English, that I no longer think he has a native language. EU English in particular has blacklists of BE and AE words that must never be used, instead substituting a whitelist of uniquely EU English words that would be considered strange in any English-speaking country. I can help with the concepts, but it is up to him to figure out whether he is translating into BE or EU English.
    #9VerfasserRobNYNY (242013) 18 Sep. 17, 03:50
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