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coop - das Kabuff [fig.]

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Examples/ definitions with source references
Dictionary: kabuff
Synonyms and Antonyms of coop
1 a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody like many of the city's hookers, she was back in the coop within a week of her release
2 an enclosure with an open framework for keeping animals a chicken coop

coop in American
1.  a small cage, pen, or building as for poultry
2. a. any place of confinement
b. Slang a jail

coop in British
1. a cage or small enclosure for poultry or small animals
2. a small narrow place of confinement, esp a prison cell
3. a wickerbasket for catching fish

1 A cage or pen in which poultry are kept.
1.1British A basket used in catching fish.
Kabuff, das
landschaftlich kleiner, fensterloser Raum, Nebenraum, Abstellkammer

kleiner, dunkler, meist fensterloser [Neben]raum, Abstellraum
Beispiel: sie wohnt in einem lichtlosen Kabuff unterm Dach
Synonyme zu Kabuff
cubbyhole in British
1. a small enclosed space or room
2. any small compartment, such as a pigeonhole
Often shortened to: cubby
1. a small, enclosed space or room that confines snugly or uncomfortably
2. a small, open compartment as in a desk; pigeonhole
Also ˈcubby

:a small snug place (as for hiding or storage);
also:a cramped space
2. countable noun
You describe a house, room, or flat as a hovel to express your disapproval or dislike of it because it is dirty, untidy, and in poor condition.
I went for a living-in job, but the room I was given was a hovel.

3:a small, wretched, and often dirty house :hut
"Coop" kann Gefängniszelle meinen. Der entsprechende dt. ugs. Begriff dazu wäre "Loch". Gefängniszellen werden eher selten als Kabuff bezeichnet. Ein Kabuff ist eine kleine, dunke, meist fensterloes, stickige Unterkunft, vielleicht ist sie auch schäbig - wird aber eher von Studenten, Dienstmädchen, armen Leuten bewohnt, vermutlich ungern, aber zumeist können sie jederzeit raus. Sollte "coop" in der Bedeutung Gefängniszelle mit "Kabuff" gepaart bleiben, dann sollten aber auf jeden Fall bessere Alternativen für "Kabuff"=kleine, schäbige Unterkunft im WB sein.

Als Alternativen möchte ich "cubbyhole" und "hovel" zur Diskussion stellen. NSofE können besser beurteilen, ob eines davon paßt, oder ob es noch eine bessere Entsprechung gibt.
AuthorSelima (107) 03 Oct 17, 10:13
Context/ examples
cubbyholenoun [ C ]
 UK ​ /ˈkʌb.i.həʊl/  US ​ /ˈkʌb.i.hoʊl/
a very small room or space for storing things

cubbyhole NOUN

1A small enclosed space or room.
‘she works in a cubbyhole next to his office’

More example sentences

‘The cabin is well-planned and has generous storage spaces, with two deep cubbyholes either side of the central console, plus a double-lidded glove box.’
‘Many rooms have recessed cubbyhole walls, or even closets which you might like to open up, for exposed shelving.’
‘Preparations to depart took a long time, so I unpacked and stowed my belongings in the many drawers, cabinets and cubbyholes in the cabin, took a shower to rinse off the sweat, then settled in to read a book.’
‘The workstation and its cubbyholes are meticulously planned with no wasted space.’
‘Inside, there are lots of cubbyholes and larger storage areas, and the fascia controls for heating, audio system and security are nice and large.’
hovel is fine by me.

Cubbyhole isn't used in the same way.
#1Authorjamqueen (1129860) 04 Oct 17, 10:00
I think cubbyhole refers more to a small place, including one for storage, than to a room, except by somewhat humorous extension.
M-W has
Definition of cubbyhole
:a small snug place (as for hiding or storage); also :a cramped space

For me, hovel refers primarily or exclusively to an entire dwelling (in the US at least, normally an entire building), not just one room or part of a dwelling.

1.a small, squalid, unpleasant, or simply constructed dwelling.

Definition of hovel
1:an open shed or shelter...
3:a small, wretched, and often dirty house :hut
#2AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 04 Oct 17, 20:13
Context/ examples
Souvenirs, Souvenirs
Wir kaufen sie, weil wir hoffen, dass sie uns das Urlaubsgefühl nach Hause bringen - und dann verschwinden sie oft gleich im Kabuff.

wo ich meine ganzen Handschuhe, Schals und den Krempel hingepackt habe? In diversen Kommoden - nix, im Kabuff - nix, im Gardroben-Schrank nix.
Danke für die Begriffsbestimmungen. Wißt Ihr vielleicht noch andere, bessere Alternativen?

Kabuff = Abstellraum, also ein Raum in einer Wohnung und nicht die Wohnung selbst... könnte das cubbyhole sein? (Anwendungsbeispiele s.o.)

Aber grundsätzlich seid Ihr d'accord, daß coop = Kabuff nicht paßt?
#3AuthorSelima (107) 04 Oct 17, 20:52
"cubbyholes" kenne ich im AE nur als etwas größere, vorne offene, Regalfächer. Findet man z.B. in Kindergärten, wo jedem Kind ein solches zugewiesen wird für seine Siebensachen. Die Bildersuche von Google zeigt viele Beispiele. "Kabuff" dagegen kenne ich als (fensterlosen) Miniraum, Abstellkammer. Für mich wären das somit zwei verschiedene Dinge. "coop" kenne ich als Geflügelkäfig oder auch im übertragenen Sinne: "flown the coop".
#4AuthorNorbert Juffa (236158) 04 Oct 17, 22:39
"Kabuff" dagegen kenne ich als (fensterlosen) Miniraum, Abstellkammer. -- ich auch ... obwohl, manche haben ein (klitze)kleines Oberlicht ...
#5Authorno me bré (700807) 04 Oct 17, 22:46

closet, shoebox (apartment)


Context/ examples
1.1informal A very small room or space.
‘a shoebox of a room’
‘I wanted my tiny little apartment, my shoebox sized room, my friends, my Dad.’‘View from the shoebox apartment, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
’‘Not too many interior walls since they converted the upstairs storey from five shoebox rooms and a landing to one big space.
’‘Families are no longer satisfied with little shoebox rooms and single beds.
’‘Take a New Yorker who can't deal with taking the granny cart out to the grocery store and walking up five floors to their shoebox apartment.
’‘But even with a good paying job, the only way I'll keep my debts low is by renting a shoebox apartment for the rest of my life.
’‘A few days later, they took me back to their shoebox house on its quiet, predominantly Catholic street with its manicured lawn and reliable car in the paved driveway.
’‘The acoustician first analyzed the hall as a shoebox and then applied the results to the vineyard.’

any house, building, or other construction likened to a shoebox because of its shape or cramped area.
A closet is a very small room for storing things, especially one without windows.
Ok, ich hab noch a wengale recherchiert. Was haltet Ihr von shoebox (apartment)? Oder closet? Trifft's das besser?

Wenn nicht, dann würde ich vorschlagen, daß auf der engl. Seite eine Erklärung steht.
#6AuthorSelima (107) 05 Oct 17, 06:54
I would prefer an explanation.
#7AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 05 Oct 17, 07:08
I've been racking my brain over this one for a day or so, and 'closet' and 'shoebox' were among the closest similar terms that occurred to me too.

Maybe those suggestions could be combined with the marking '[fig.]' and an explanation in italics, like 'small, dark, cramped living space / area.'

At any rate I appreciate Selima's initial observation, and her persistence in pursuing the topic. It's hard to dredge up synonyms in the other language when you don't even know exactly what to search for. But these may be as close as we're likely to get.
#8Authorhm -- us (236141) 05 Oct 17, 07:57
If so, make it, say, shoebox appartment (not a word, but perhaps a term and in any case an explanation), even if shoebox could be used alone, with plenty of context.
#9AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 05 Oct 17, 08:04

'small, dark, cramped living space / area'


das Kabuff (Wohnung)

Tja, was man nicht alles tut. Aber wenn sich die Native-Speaker-Gemeinde so hartnäckig verweigert ;-)

Vielleicht ist eine Erklärung, wie hm--us sie dankenswerterweise formuliert hat, die beste Lösung.

Bleibt noch die Frage, ob "Kabuff" = "kleiner Nebenraum/Abstellraum" einen eigenen Eintrag braucht/haben darf oder soll und was da auf der engl. Seite stehen könnte. Closet?
#10AuthorSelima (107) 05 Oct 17, 08:20
Kabuff (kleiner Nebenraum/Abstellraum) = (storage) closet

geht, meine ich.
#11AuthorNorbert Juffa (236158) 05 Oct 17, 10:07
please mark suggestions Amer.
#12Authorjamqueen (1129860) 05 Oct 17, 11:21
#13AuthorSelima (107) 05 Oct 17, 11:43
What would you suggest as a word for a small dark cramped room in BE?
#14Authorhm -- us (236141) 05 Oct 17, 17:58
Context/ examples
some pictures https://www.pinterest.com/explore/box-room-ideas/

closetnoun [ C ]
 UK ​ /ˈklɒz.ɪt/  US ​ /ˈklɑː.zət/mainly us
A2 cupboard or a small room with a door, used for storing things, especiallyclothes
bedroom/linen/storage closet
(Cambridge online)

Wardrobe and closet are two terms that are used interchangeably in the furniture world very casually. Although there is a difference between a wardrobe and closet and you should not be kept in dark about it. While both of these items are helpful, but a wardrobe is a great option when it comes to space and functionality........Now let us talk about a closet and what it exactly means. Closets are a built-in space which is more like a small room or section of your room. It is an enclosed recess or a cabinet used for storing clothes, utensils etc. Being a domestic necessary you will usually find closets in each home except for those which are in space crunch.
A closet can be a either a cupboard or a small storage room. And people in BE mostly speak of flats, not apartments.

I've not heard of either in BE (but then again, as we know I don't know everything). A box room is usually a small, cramped room (but usually with a window).

I'm not familiar with Kabuff.

#15Authorjamqueen (1129860) 05 Oct 17, 18:51
I wasn't familiar with Kabuff either, but it's been defined and described in this thread.

In case my impression helps: Maybe imagine you were coming from an area where everyone could afford a house, flat, or hotel room of a reasonable size, with a view, to somewhere expensive and crowded like London, and you had to stay in a flat or hotel room where the bedroom was hardly bigger than the bed, with a view out to a dark alley and a brick wall a foot away. How would you describe this room to your friends? 'It was like sleeping in a _________!'

Maybe 'cupboard' would sound more British to you.

Or if that example doesn't match the way it's used in German, maybe the German speakers could give a better example of context.
#16Authorhm -- us (236141) 05 Oct 17, 21:33
that was a crummy bedsit in London in my case :-)

Yes, "It was like sleeping in a cupboard" is fine. But would cupboard work as a single-word entry?
#17Authorjamqueen (1129860) 05 Oct 17, 23:21
#16: "Ich habe ein Hotelzimmer erwartet, aber nicht so ein Kabuff."

Ja, ich glaube, das könnte man so sagen.

Und dann kenne ich noch das Kabäuschen. Das ist zwar auch ein Kabuff, aber es hört sich viel freundlicher an.

GA-Serie: Sprechen Sie Rheinisch?!: Kabäuschen: Vom Kabuff zum Zimmer
Das vielgenannte Kabäuschen hat einen interessanten Bedeutungswandel hinter sich. In der Mundart, da heißt es natürlich "Kabäusje", ist es ein dunkler Verschlag, meist der als Abstellraum genutzte Platz unter einer Treppe.
#18AuthorHarri Beau (812872) 09 Oct 17, 13:18
Context/ examples
yes, the cupboard under the stairs or understairs cupboard...
#19Authorjamqueen (1129860) 09 Oct 17, 13:27
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