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Es gab viele Haare in der Duschwanne. [example]

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There were a lot of hair in the shower tub.

Könnte man diesen Satz so übersetzen?
Authortom1992 (1136124) 20 Oct 17, 12:36

There was a lot of hair in the shower tray.


#1Authorlaalaa (238508) 20 Oct 17, 13:00
OP: Es waren ...
#2Authormbshu (874725) 20 Oct 17, 13:06
'Es gab viele Haare in der Duschwanne' - wer würde das denn so auf Deutsch ausdrücken? Erinnert mich an meinen Austauschschüler aus Frankreich, der einstmals zu mir sagte: 'Auf deiner Nase gibt es etwas!'
Ich würde sagen: 'In der Duschwanne waren... bzw. Es waren viele... in der...'.

Oops, mbshu war schneller und präziser!
#3Authorcookie crumbler (484354) 20 Oct 17, 13:08
# 1: Or
There were a lot of hairs ...
- since they are individual hairs, detached from someone's head.
#4AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 20 Oct 17, 15:19
I would use #4 only if, (for some reason that eludes me), I was particularly focused on the individual hairs. Maybe, There were a few hairs ... , as opposed to There was some hair, or a lot of hair.

Dangerous advice for Germans, IMO.
#5AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 20 Oct 17, 19:40
Alternativ zu #2 : Es lagen viele ... oder auch : Es klebten viele ...
#6Authorno me bré (700807) 20 Oct 17, 20:23
I would use #1: There was a lot of hair in the shower ... and skip tray, at least for AE. I think it stands to reason that the hair would be on the shower floor, probably near the drain, without having to specify further ... just saying
#7AuthorRES-can (330291) 20 Oct 17, 20:55
To me, 'a lot of hair' and 'a lot of hairs' conjure up different images, so It depends on exactly what is meant.
#8AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 21 Oct 17, 10:08
I'm having a hard time imagining the circumstances in which anyone would ever say a lot of hairs. Is it quite a few different, individual hairs, perhaps from different sources, or just unidiomatic? Do any other BE speakers support #4? Maybe too much Denglish influence?

1) finding or removing hair from the sink/shower/drain (whether some, a lot, enough to notice (more than a couple of individual strands), whatever). You're not counting them, sorting them into categories, or noting their individual characteristics, are you?
2) removing/brushing a few hairs from one's lapel or, maybe, one's spouse finding a few hairs (i.e., strands of hair) of the wrong color on her pillow when she returns from a trip.
#9AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 21 Oct 17, 10:20

Der OP meldet sich ja nicht, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es darum geht, dass hier ein Gast einem Hotel eine Beschwerde schreibt:
- Das Zimmer war schlecht gestaubsaugT: in den Ecken noch Wollmäuse
- Unterm Bett eine tote Kakerlake
- Am Spiegel waren Zahnputzspritzer des Vorgängers
und eben
- In der Dusche waren noch viele Haare (Kopf-, Schamhaare) des vorigen Gasts.

Hier könnte man wohl doch mit 'hairs' arbeiten, muss aber nicht. Aber OP (Anfänger?) sollte schon lernen, dass 'Haare' üblicherweise 'hair' heißt und nicht 'hairs'.

There were lots of different hairs in the shower, obviously not mine.
There was lots of hair in the ...
#10AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 21 Oct 17, 11:23
Thanks, Braunbärin.
ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es darum geht, dass hier ein Gast einem Hotel eine Beschwerde schreibt ...
Yes, that is what I imagined the situation to be.

Hier könnte man wohl doch mit 'hairs' arbeiten, muss aber nicht.
Yes. I did say 'Or', not 'I disagree with #1'.

As to the OP learning that it's most often 'hair' in English -- well, s/he did write 'hair'.

'A lot of hair' suggests to me quite a large quantity:
E.g. 'There was a lot of hair on the floor' -- at the hairdresser's, when several people have had their hair cut and nobody has swept the floor.

In the shower, it suggests to me that there is quite an accumulation of hair, possibly threatening to block the outflow (or whatever you call it). This may or may not be the case here.

'A lot of hairs': in the hotel, you expect the basin, shower cubicle, etc. to be really clean. But there are hairs -- and not just one or two, but quite a number of them, which in these circumstances can be considered 'a lot'.

So I would say it depends on exactly what you mean.

#10 Yes, one could also say 'lots'. 'Different' only if they seemed to be from several different people(!).

I can't believe I'm spending all this time on a Saturday morning writing about hair/s in a shower! :-)
#11AuthorHecuba - UK (250280) 21 Oct 17, 11:45
You can say 'There were a lot of hairs' or 'There was a lot of hair'. I think it would be splitting them to differentiate. But in any case, 'hair' is singular.

Incidentally, I find to my total amazement that the expression 'shower tray' exists. I have never in my life ever heard anyone use it. I would say 'shower basin'.
#12Authorescoville (237761) 23 Oct 17, 19:16
In AE we would say 'on the floor of the shower / tub,' or just 'in the shower.'

I don't think I would say 'a lot of hairs,' but if there were only a few, which seems likely unless someone was shaving their head or something, I might indeed say 'There were (some) hairs in the shower.'

To me '(a lot of) hair in the shower' is relatively unlikely, unless the hotel or whatever is incredibly dirty.

(A lot of hair in the drain, on the other hand, can happen in the best of houses ... \-: )
#13Authorhm -- us (236141) 23 Oct 17, 19:51
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