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spur – on a heel [SPORT] - der Sporn Pl.: die Spornen [Pferdesport]

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spur – on a heel [SPORT]


der Sporn Pl.: die Sporen [Pferdesport]

Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen
Der normale Plural zu Sporn ist Sporen (ohne n in der Mitte). Fachsprachlich gibt es auch Sporne als Plural. Das betrifft auch andere Einträge zu Sporn.
Verfasserwuerfel (255146) 06 Dez 17, 21:51


[Sport] -

Kontext/ Beispiele
I've been considering spur training my horse. He's already in the works of backing up when I apply pressure with both spurs and say "back". He is learning/knows not to move when pressure is applied until I make a sound. (Aka spur+cluck for walk, spur+double cluck=jog, spur+kiss=lope) So, two spurs + "back" = back. 

https://www.naylors.com/blog/horse-riding-spu... spur is a metal tool that is attached to the heel of riding boots for the purpose of making a horse move forward. They are usually used to back up the rider’s natural aids (seat, hands, leg and voice) on horses that need more impulsion. They allow the rider to give subtle signals to the horse that can be almost invisible to the watching eye. In Dressage, spurs are not used to make the horse go faster but give precise aids throughout the movements. Spurs are used in some showing classes for etiquette.

I'm not much into horses but the English entry strikes me as a bit odd.

Why the addition of "on a heel"? Where else would they be?
#1Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 07 Dez 17, 12:10
Why the addition of "on a heel"?

Because apparently a "spur" can also be a number of other things besides the metal thingy attached to a rider's boot:

#2VerfasserDragon (238202) 07 Dez 17, 14:31
thanks Dragon. I would change the format though as "on a heel" is not part of the expression.

Perhaps something like spur (on rider's boot)...
#3Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 07 Dez 17, 14:52
The formulation seems unidiomatic to me too. If you specifically add the word 'heel,' then I would assume it means the medical condition, an outgrowth of bone on the heel.

If, on the other hand, the context is about sports equipment, whether for horseback riding or (apparently?) mountain climbing or whatever, then I wouldn't use the word 'heel' as if you were talking about a part of the body, just 'spur.'
#4Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 07 Dez 17, 18:47
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