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    plumbeous forest falcon - also : plumbeous forest-falcon - Einbinden-Waldfalke, m (auch : Einbinde…

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    plumbeous forest falcon - also : plumbeous forest-falcon ornith. - Einbinden-Waldfalke, m (auch : Einbindenwaldfalke, m) (Micrastur plumbeus)

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    plumbeous forest falcon - also : plumbeous forest-falcon

    ornith. -

    Blei-Waldfalke, m (auch : Bleiwaldfalke, m) (Micrastur plumbeus)

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Tierstimmenarchiv des Museums für Naturkunde Berlin
    ...Micrastur plumbeus
    ... Klasse:     Vögel
    Ordnung:         Falken
    Familie:         Falken
    Spezies:         Einbinden-Waldfalke ...

    Rundbrief 1 2005 Version B.qxd - Brehm Fonds
    Einbinden-Waldfalke (Micrastur plumbeus),. Rotkopfguan (Ortalis erythroptera) und Rotbrust- pitpit (Dacnis berlepschi) im Schutzgebiet bzw. in dessen unmittelbarer Umgebung vorkommen, ist dieses viel zu klein, um auf Dauer überlebensfähige. Populationen dieser und anderer Arten erhalten zu können. So braucht z.B. ...

    ... Kappenwaldfalke oder Schwarzkappen-Waldfalk oder Halsringwaldfalke, lat. Micrastur semitorquatus, Vieillot, 1817
    Unterart: Kappenwaldfalke oder Schwarzkappen-Waldfalk oder Halsringwaldfalke, lat. Micrastur semitorquatus semitorquatus, Vieillot, 1817
    Unterart: ?, lat. Micrastur semitorquatus naso, Lesson, 1842
    Traylorwaldfalke oder Traylor-Waldfalk oder Halsringwaldfalk, lat. Micrastur buckleyi, Swann, 1919
    Grauer Waldfalk oder Einbindenwaldfalke oder Bleiwaldfalke, lat. Micrastur plumbeus, W. Sclater, 1918
    Mintonwaldfalke, lat. Micrastur mintoni, Whittaker, 2002
    Tropfenfalke oder Tropfen-Zwergfalk oder Tropfenzwergfalke, lat Spiziapteryx circumcinctus, Kaup, 1852 ...

    Greifvogelschutz        Laufener Seminarbeiträge 1/89
    ... Tabelle 3
    Gefährdete  Greifvogelarten  der  Erde
    Aegypius monachus        Mönchs- oder Kuttengeier
    A ccipiter henstii        Hensthabicht
    Accipiter collaris        Halbringssperber
    Accipiter gundlachii        Kubasperber
    Leucopternis lacernulata    Weißhalsbussard
    Leucopternis occidentalis    Graurückenbussard
    Micrastur plumbeus        Bleiwaldfalke
    Micrastur buckleyi        Traylorwaldfalke ...

    Gattung: Waldfalken (Micrastur)
        Art: Sperber-Waldfalke (Micrastur ruficollis)
        Art: Blei-Waldfalke (Micrastur plumbeus)
        Art: Minton-Waldfalke (Micrastur mintoni)
        Art: Zweibinden-Waldfalke (Micrastur gilvicollis)  ...

    Alle Vögel der Welt: Die komplette Checkliste aller Arten und Unterarten
    fotolulu - 2015 - ‎Science
    ... ☐Micrastur ruficollis zonothorax◇Venezuela-Sperberwaldfalke O Kolumbien und N Venezuela bis Bolivien ☐Micrastur ruficollis concentricus◇GuyanasSperberfalke S Venezuela, Guyanas, Amazonasbecken ☐Micrastur ruficollis olrogi◇Olrogsperberfalke NW Argentinien ☐ Micrastur plumbeus Einbinden-Waldfalke ...

    ... Die Falkenartigen werden, je nach Autor in zwei, drei oder vier Unterfamilien unterteilt. Weitgehend Konsens ist, dass die südamerikanischen Geierfalken (Polyborinae) als separate Unterfamilie von den übrigen Falkenartigen separiert werden.
    ... Unterfamilie Lachfalken und Waldfalken (Herpetotherinae)
    ... Waldfalken (Micrastur) – 7 Arten
            Sperberwaldfalke (Micrastur ruficollis)
            Blei-Waldfalke / Einbinden-Waldfalke (Micrastur plumbeus)
            Mintonwaldfalke (Micrastur mintoni)
            Zweibinden-Waldfalke (Micrastur gilvicollis) ...

    Micrastur plumbeus Sclater, WL, 1918
     Ordnung:          Falconiformes
    Familie :          Falconidae
    Genus:          Micrastur
    Wissenschaftlich :      Micrastur plumbeus
    Citation:          Sclater, WL, 1918 ...
    ... Deutsch:     Bleiwaldfalke, Einbinden-Waldfalke, ...
    Englisch:         Plumbeous Forest Falcon, Plumbeous Forest-Falcon, Sclater's Forest Falcon, Sclater's Forest-Falcon

    The plumbeous forest falcon (Micrastur plumbeus) is a species of bird of prey in the family Falconidae. It is endemic to humid forests in the Chocó in south-western Colombia and north-western Ecuador. It is generally poorly known and rare. It is threatened by habitat loss, and consequently considered vulnerable by BirdLife International and IUCN. It closely resembles the lined forest falcon from the Amazon, but adults only have a single white tail-band (in addition to a narrow white tail-tip) and the irides are pale brownish-grey. ...

    Kingdom     Phylum     Class     Order     Family
    Animalia     Chordata     Aves     Falconiformes     Falconidae
    Scientific Name:     Micrastur plumbeus Sclater, 1918
    Common Name(s):
    English     –     Plumbeous Forest-falcon, Plumbeous Forest Falcon, Plumbeous Forest-Falcon
    Spanish     –     Halcón-montés Plomizo
    Taxonomic Source(s):     SACC. 2005 and updates. A classification of the bird species of South America. Available at: #
    Identification information:     30-36 cm. Secretive and shy forest-falcon with single white tail-band. Adult has slaty grey upperparts and white underparts, finely barred blackish on breast. Blackish tail with broad, white central tail-band and narrow tail tip. Bright orange-red cere and legs. Pale brown iris. Immature similar with paler barring on underparts and dark brown iris. Similar spp. Barred Forest-falcon M. ruficollis has 2-3 tail-bands, yellowish cere and legs, and is proportionally longer tailed and shorter winged. Voice Song a single, lamenting bark repeated frequently, usually at dawn. Cackling alarm call (Jahn et al. 2002, Krabbe and Nilsson 2003). ...

    Family Falcons, Caracaras (Falconidae)
    Plumbeous Forest-falcon (Micrastur plumbeus)
    ... French: Carnifex plombé     German: Einbinden-Waldfalke         Spanish: Halcón montés plomizo
    Taxonomy:    Micrastur plumbeus        W. L. Sclater, 1918,        Río Bogotá, Esmeraldas, Ecuador.
    A member of the M. ruficollis clade. Has been included within M. gilvicollis; sympatric with M. ruficollis interstes, and, when gilvicollis was included within M. ruficollis, plumbeus was elevated to species rank; with M. ruficollis and gilvicollis now shown to be separate species, status of plumbeus unclear, but generally retained as full species; further research required to clarify taxonomic status. Monotypic.
    SW Colombia (S Chocó to Nariño) and NW Ecuador (Esmeraldas). ...

     Plumbeous Forest-Falcon Micrastur plumbeus
    ... The Plumbeous Forest-Falcon is a forest-falcon endemic to the southern Choco biogeographic region in southwestern Colombia and northwestern Ecuador. At various times this species has alternatively been considered a subspecies of Lined Forest-Falcon (Micrastur gilvicollis) of Amazonia, or its own species, but recent field studies have demonstrated unequivocally that the Plumbeous Forest-Falcon is indeed a good species. These studies based their conclusions heavily on vocalizations, which are especially informative for species limits in this genus.  ...

    Plumbeous Forest Falcon
    Micrastur plumbeus - Carnifex plombé
    Description identification    Plumbeous Forest Falcon (Micrastur plumbeus) is a species of bird in the Falconidae family.
    Subspecific information     monotypic species
    ... Habitat            Forest : Subtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland, Subtropical/Tropical Moist Montane ...

    Plumbeous Forest Falcon
    Micrastur plumbeus
    Status: Vulnerable
    Population Trend: Declining.
    Other Names: Plumbeous Forest-falcon, Sclater's Forest-falcon.
    Distribution: Neotropical. Southwestern COLOMBIA (Cauca, Narino) and northwestern ECUADOR (Esmeraldas, Pichincha). more....
    Subspecies: Monotypic.
    Taxonomy: Formerly considered to be a race of M. gilvicollis (Meyer de Schauensee 1966, Stresemann and Amadon 1979), but treated as a full species by subsequent authors, including Sibley and Monroe (1990), Thiollay (1994), and Ridgely and Greenfield (2001). Published details on the basis for the latter treatment appear to be lacking.  ...

    A World Checklist of Birds - Page 124 - Google Books Result
    Burt L. Monroe, ‎Charles G. Sibley - 1997 - ‎Nature
    Micrastur plumbeus. Plumbeous Forest-Falcon. (Andes nw SA) . □ Micrastur gilvicollis. Lined FOREsT-FALCON. (nc,e SA) _) Micrastur mirandollei. SLATY-BACKED FOREsT-FALCON. (s CA- Amaz). □J Micrastur semitorquatus. COLLARED FOREsI -FALCON. (MA, SA) J Micrastur buckleyi. BUCKLEYs FOREsT-FALCON.
    Authorno me bré (700807) 26 Feb 18, 18:54
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