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    Translation correct?

    Flächentransformation - area transformation

    Source Language Term

    Flächentransformation math.


    area transformation

    Examples/ definitions with source references
    Die Rohwerte wurden separat für jede Altersgruppe (Gewichtung stets nach Bildung) über eine Flächentransformation in Stanine-Werte überführt: ...

    The raw values were converted into stanine values separately for each age group (weighting by education level in all cases) in an area transformation: ...
    Does that make sense?
    Author Janette B. (1227601) 13 Mar 18, 17:54
    I can't say I know what this is about, but after googling this, I find raw scores and stanine scores, not values.
    #1Authordude (253248) 13 Mar 18, 19:21
    Ob die "Fläche" hier eher area oder surface ist, kann ich aus dem Kontext nicht erkennen, dafür bräuchte ich mehr mathematische Details.

    Es muss aber auf jeden Fall "by an area (or surface) transformation" heißen.

    Edith hat kurz recherchiert:
    In der Statistik heißt die Flächentransformation auch Normalrangtransformation und diesen Begriff scheint es auch auf Englisch als "normal rank transformation" zu geben.
    Ich bin kein Statistiker, aber ich glaube, das müsste dann hier besser passen.
    Auch hier aber mit "by" als Proposition.
    #2AuthorDodolina (379349) 14 Mar 18, 08:46
    Thanks dude, that's really helpful! How good of you to go googling to help other people (me!) get unstuck.
    Thanks Dodolina too! For the preposition, first of all.
    I'm pretty sure it's area, since it's just test scores being transformed, with no physical surfaces involved. But maybe that's not what determines whether area or surface? Argh, definitely in over my head :-(
    #3AuthorJanette B. (1227601) 15 Mar 18, 14:23
    Roughly speaking, I associate with area the German "Flächeninhalt", some measurable quantity. A surface is a 2-dimensional manifold (not necessarily something physical).

    But from what I can tell, you are not interested in these geometric notions, but in something about statistics.
    If this is correct, please use "normal rank transformation".
    In the statistics context, also in German Normalrangtransformation is a synonym for Flächentransformation, at least that's what I udnerstand from Wikipedia.

    #4AuthorDodolina (379349) 15 Mar 18, 14:53
    Thanks again, Dodolina! Yes, it's about statistics.
    I wish that was one of the choices in marking which field a word is used in. Perhaps I should have marked it "Math." but sometimes I worry that fewer people would respond.
    #5AuthorJanette B. (1227601) 15 Mar 18, 17:04
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