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    Translation correct?

    Serienkapseln - batch-produced capsules

    Source Language Term

    Serienkapseln Schweiz


    batch-produced capsules Brit.

    Examples/ definitions with source references

    Es geht die Produktion von Kaffeekapseln (Lizenzvertrag). [AA] und [BB] agieren zusammen als [XX].


    "Die Produktion und der Vertrieb der Serienkapseln, gemäß der zu erarbeitenden Spezifikation, obliegt [XX] und wird zwischen [AA] und [BB] in einer eigenen Vereinbarung geregelt."

    Mein Vorschlag:

    "The production and sale of the batch-produced capsules, in accordance with the specification to be developed, is in the remit of [XX] and shall be governed by a separate agreement between [AA] and [BB]."


    Hat jemand einen Vorschlag hierzu?

    Author Rotkehlchen (460629) 27 Jun 18, 23:12

    I am wondering if "mass-produced" is the real intent, as " Serie gefertigt...."

    "Batch-produced" to me suggests that the item is produced in limited quantities, like artisanal cheese, beer, wine, candy, medicine, etc. One batch at a time. But hard to determine from the original Swiss German.

    Another possibility is "...serial-production...." click the link for more info

    Here's another link for "...batch-production...." need to read the second bullet, similar to the comment above about artisanal products..

    Finally, difficult to determine if the product is a capsule or not. For example, the product Kaffeekapsel in your other entry about Musterwerkzeug is not considered a capsule in English.

    Typically, capsules contain medicine or liquids that are meant to be swallowed whole, but then again there are space and time capsules, so not ironclad rule about using the word. :(

    Somewhat curious about your use of remit, but you have access to more context than I, so I'll defer to you.

    I do think you are on the right track. :)

    #1AuthorMein Fritz (862420) 28 Jun 18, 02:18

    Vielen Dank - ich habe mich für "mass-produced" entschieden und dem Kunden eine Anmerkung dazu geschrieben.

    #2AuthorRotkehlchen (460629) 28 Jun 18, 07:52

    I'd just go with "series-produced."

    #3Authorhbberlin (420040) 28 Jun 18, 10:09
    Context/ examples

    #1: For example, the product Kaffeekapsel in your other entry about Musterwerkzeug is not considered a capsule in English.

    Both Nespresso and Starbucks, for example, use the term capsule.

    #4AuthorSpike BE (535528) 28 Jun 18, 11:01

    @ Spike BE,

    thanks for clarifying...raises the question if markets on either side of the pond would understand that coffee pods and coffee capsules are the same thing.

    it seems to be an AE / BE difference: Starbucks K-Cup Pods and Coffee Pods

    #5AuthorMein Fritz (862420) 28 Jun 18, 18:07
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