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    Main-Franconia (auch: Main Franconia) - Mainfranken

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    Main-Franconia (auch: Main Franconia) geog. - Mainfranken

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    Main-Franconian (auch: Main Franconian)

    adj. -



    Main-Franconian (auch: Main Franconian)

    noun -

    der Mainfranke | die Mainfränkin

    Examples/ definitions with source references




    Wortart: Substantiv, Neutrum

    Bedeutungsübersicht: Region beiderseits des Mains im nördlichen Franken

    Betonung: Mainfranken


    Landschaft zwischen Spessart und Rhön im Westen, Steigerwald und Haßbergen im Osten; Wein- und Obstanbau; städtischer Mittelpunkt: Würzburg.


    Wortart: Adjektiv

    Bedeutungsübersicht: Mainfranken, die Mainfranken betreffend; aus Mainfranken stammend

    Betonung: mainfränkisch

    Mainfranke, der

    Wortart: Substantiv, maskulin

    Bedeutungsübersicht: Einwohnerbezeichnung zu Mainfranken

    Betonung: Mainfranke

    Mainfränkin, die

    Wortart: Substantiv, feminin

    Bedeutungsübersicht: weibliche Form zu Mainfranke

    Betonung: Mainfränkin




    Political Culture in Germany [2016]

    After its integration into the new Bavarian state, the Margravian-Brandenburgian Lutheran Franconia held a minority position vis-à-vis the Catholicism of Old Bavaria and Main-Franconia.

    The Battle of Lechfeld and its Aftermath, August 955

    Because Forchheim was on a major crossroad to Regensburg, Carolingian rulers had frequented it whenever they moved armies or their courts through Main Franconia to Bavaria.

    Hitler's rise to power: the Nazi movement in Bavaria, 1923-1933

    The same was true of the self-employed, except in Franconia in 1930 and Main Franconia in 1933.

    Routledge Revivals: Medieval Germany (2001)

    As the secular guardians of Arnulf's son, Louis the Child (Ludwig das Kind), the Konradiner family increased their wealth and power in the Main-Franconia region during Louis' short reign


    Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Frederick Engels: 1882-89

    Thuringia, Hesse and Main Franconia have no other claim whatever to be included in it except that in the Carolingian period they were part of what was called Francia.

    Wisconsin Magazine of History, Bände 50-51

    Meanwhile he must seriously face the recurring problem of a possible merger of his Gau Main-Franconia with Herr [Julius] Streicher's Gau Franconia.

    News of Germany ..., [1945]

    "The main obstacle to reconstruction in Main-Franconia is lack of transportation," declared Dr. Adam Stegerwald, recently appointed president of the district.



    Managing Change in Tourism: Creating Opportunities – Overcoming Obstacles

    The lakes are a reservoir for the level control of the channel and they also provide water supply of the relatively dry Main-Franconian areas of Bavaria by pumping water across the European watershed from the Danube area into the Main area.

    Political Culture in Germany

    As a result the Catholic Main-Franconian and Protestant Margravian area existed 'independently' of each other (Mintzel 1990, pp.150–1).

    The Battle of Lechfeld and its Aftermath, August 955: The End of the Age of Migrations in the Latin West

    It was there that Main Franconian forces would have assembled.

    Yachting [Juni 1984]

    The city lies in the shadow of bellicose dominance of the fortress town of Marienberg, which is home of the Main-Franconian Museum.

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