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    Translation correct?

    aus diesem Grund - due to this reason

    Source Language Term

    aus diesem Grund


    due to this reason


    I read "due to this reason" in a translated text and wondered if the phrase was correct.

    I would either say "due to this" or "for this reason".

    Author Juni (236103) 10 Sep 18, 13:50

    Sehe ich genauso. Das ist wie 'wegen diesem Grund'.

    #1AuthorGibson (418762) 10 Sep 18, 14:08

    "due to this reason" macht für mich schon Sinn, wenn dieser eine Grund besonders betont/hervorgehoben werden soll.

    #2AuthorZimtkatze (411203) 10 Sep 18, 16:46

    ... wenn dieser eine Grund besonders betont/hervorgehoben werden soll.

    Da würde ich allerdings z.B. eher "... for this one/particular reason" sagen. "due to this reason" is overkill, imo, regardless of emphasis.

    #3Authordude (253248) 10 Sep 18, 18:43

    Informal: “for this reason”

    More formal or written: “due to this reason”

    This feels more right.. only personal choice here...

    ” on these grounds”

    as the words in both languages sound the same.... and the flow is better imho

    Just some thoughts...


    #4AuthorPackrat7474 (1244485) 13 Sep 18, 21:48

    'for this reason' ist nicht informal (ebensowenig wie 'due to this reason' formal). Informal ist 'that's why'.

    Was meinst du mit "as the words in both languages sound the same"?

    #5AuthorGibson (418762) 14 Sep 18, 12:39
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