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    Participating at - Participating in


    Participating at


    Participating in

    Beispiele/ Definitionen mit Quellen

    We are participating AT OR IN? the Paris XYZ conference


    I believe "in" would be correct but the slogan I've been given uses "at" and now I am unsure. Halp pls

    Verfasser Nixda (455581) 27 Jan. 23, 12:56
    #1Verfasserpenguin (236245)  27 Jan. 23, 13:20

    Danke dir, I suppose it's not completely wrong but "feels" wrong. The sentence using "at" came from an American native speaking person..

    #2VerfasserNixda (455581) 27 Jan. 23, 14:39

    I don't think "native speaking person" exists, so maybe that explains the strange preposition :-)

    #3VerfasserGibson (418762) 27 Jan. 23, 15:24

    "At" does not sound wrong to me, actually. "Participate at the conference" = "participate there", in my ears. I would definitely use "at" in a sentence like "participate as a speaker at the conference" for instance, so maybe it is a contamination from that, or maybe just linguistic slovenliness on my part. "Participate in" is certainly fine.

    #4VerfasserAE procrastinator (1268904) 27 Jan. 23, 18:16

    I normally agree with AE procrastinator, and I do agree that participate AT emphasizes "participate there", but here I strongly disagree with "participate as a speaker at the conference".

    Participate at simply has a different meaning than participate in, in the same way that "an einer Konferenz teilnehmen' is different from 'auf einer Konferenz teilnehmen'. To participate in a conference is to take part in the conference as an activity -- to present or ask questions or whatever. To participate at a conference merely takes the conference as a site or location for participation in some unspecified activity, which may be related to the conference but may just as well not be. "Where will you be participating?" "At the conference."

    I would hold "participate at" to be a grammatical error worthy of correction. Native speakers also make mistakes.

    #5VerfasserLonelobo (595126)  27 Jan. 23, 21:23

    Hmmm (re #5) ... "an einer Konferenz teilnehmen' is different from 'auf einer Konferenz teilnehmen' ...

    Auch wenn es jetzt hier ums Deutsche geht ... sber "auf einer Konferenz teilnehmen" würde ich nicht verwenden ... höchstens noch "auf einer Konferenz reden / einen Vortrag halten" ... aber selbst da würde ich "bei einer K." vorziehen ...

    #6Verfasserno me bré (700807) 27 Jan. 23, 22:07

    I think this is related to the point I am trying to make (although I am not sure, of course -- it might be that one just can't translate the distinction very well). In English, one has to create a pretty weird situation to use "participate at" -- it's not a phrasal verb like "participate in something." It literally just describes where you did the participating, not what you participated in.

    "How were you able to participate in the Zoom workshop? Weren't you at a conference last weekend?"

    "Yes, I participated *at* the conference. I just used the WiFi in the hotel café."

    "While at the conference, I participated in a number of different panels."

    "Auf der Konferenz habe ich an verschiedenen Diskussionen teilgenommen."

    #7VerfasserLonelobo (595126)  27 Jan. 23, 22:32
    Kontext/ Beispiele

    In order to be able to say whether a translation is correct or not we need to know what the source text is but in this case it's absent. I guess it's something to do with "an etw. teilnehmen" which is often translated using "participate in". Indeed, the LEO entry is headed with to participate (in sth.- meetingconferenceetc..

    However, I tend to avoid "participate" when translating "teilnehmen" because it sounds rather formal, old-fashioned, old-school, academic and a whole load of other words that suggest it's no longer the best choice. For me, it falls into a category of words to be avoided in the same way as I learnt to avoid Fremdwörter in German.

    I'd prefer to use expressions like:

    We are attending the XYZ conference

    We are appearing at the XYZ conference

    We will be speaking at the XYZ conference

    We will be taking part in the XYZ conference

    We will be exhibiting at the XYZ conference

    We'll be at the XYZ conference

    or, perhaps,

    See/meet us at the XYZ conference

    These seem clearer and more direct than "participating".

    Perhaps Nixda might be able to use one of these or something similar, depending on context.

    #8VerfasserFernSchreiber (1341928)  28 Jan. 23, 17:04

    I definitely agree with #8 - I always find "participate" to be vague and would prefer "attend the conference or give a paper at the conference" or "actively participate in the discussions at the conference".

    I also accept Lonelobo's point regarding at vs. in - I think I do use "participate" rather imprecisely. I would say "he participated as a speaker at the conference" but I think I would still say "He participated in the conference as speaker". I don't know how many people have to make a mistake before it becomes a regionalism or alternative acceptable to some speakers, but it doesn't seem to have reached that point, so I will have to watch my usage when translating.

    #9VerfasserAE procrastinator (1268904) 29 Jan. 23, 13:42

    +1 to participate not being a great verb.

    Upon reflection AE procrastinator, I think that "participate as a speaker at a conference" is not bad, because of the addition of "as a speaker". I would find "participate at a conference" wrong, but "participate as a speaker at a conference", although it sounds a little ungainly, is not wrong.

    #10VerfasserLonelobo (595126) 29 Jan. 23, 21:32
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