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    scanty of money - knapp an geld

    'scanty of money' should be removed; it is nonsense.

    This came up when I was reading the 'knapp' topic at http://forum.leo.org/cgi-bin/dict/forum.cgi?a...

    In researching it, I tried Siehe Wörterbuch: Geld knapp which gives mostly good answers, and a couple of howlers.

    I wonder if some people are just copying expressions they see elsewhere into the 'new entry' forum, regardless whether they understand the terms or not? I put "scanty of money" (quoted) into a search engine, and guess what I found? Only 3 citations total, 2 of which are on another German-English dictionary site.

    I hope in a well-intentioned desire for Leo to be 'biggest', 'best' or whatever, people aren't copying expressions willy-nilly into Leo without understanding them, simply to propagate errors from other sources into Leo. That would be a shame.

    It would be interesting if some of the highly competent bilinguals here on the forums could examine http://www.dict.cc/blaettern/344.php and see if there are more mistranslations there, and then search Leo to see if they have been copied here as well.

    If so, then we need to alert the Leo-team to be on the lookout for this, although I'm not sure that that would be very easy in practice. Nevertheless, it would be good to be aware of it.
    VerfasserPeter <us>20 Jun. 04, 11:16
    I removed "scanty of money". What about "scant of money"? That sounds equally strange.

    The problem with dict.cc is that some data in there is identical to what we have in LEO because it's from the same source (e.g. Mr Honey's Business Dictionary). This wouldn't be too bad if dict.cc didn't also ask users to verify translation pairs by cross-checking with LEO. I have come to treat identical entries in LEO and dict.cc with extreme caution and in the majority of cases I will swiftly delete any strange translations which I can only find in dict.cc but nowhere else. So I am aware of the problem but I fear there are simply too many entries for one person to check :-(
    #1VerfasserDoris (LEO-Team)21 Jun. 04, 07:44
    May be OT: why LEO is making reference to an entity with such arcane TLD?
    #2VerfasserDer Affe von der Kokosinsel21 Jun. 04, 07:56
    TLD? Help me out here....
    #3VerfasserDoris21 Jun. 04, 08:10
    tld - top-level domain eg. .de, .com

    -> .cc in this case

    #4VerfasserNicole21 Jun. 04, 08:27
    ...sorry for being too concise..
    #5VerfasserDictionary21 Jun. 04, 08:31
    @Doris: "scant of" is very old-fashioned, I'd say, i.e. fairly obsolete, or poetic or humorous.

    ••Websters 1913
    2. Sparing; parsimonious; chary.
    "Be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence." - Shakespeare

    ••From I, Claudius by Robert Graves:
    A hundred years of the Punic Curse / And Rome will be slave to a hairy man, / A hairy man that is scant of hair, / Every man's woman and each woman's man.

    •• Poets' Corner - Jean Toomer
    "O land and soil, red soil and sweet-gum tree, / So scant of grass, so profligate of pines..."

    •• Hamlet:
    GERTRUDE: He’s fat and scant of breath. Here Hamlet, take my napkin, rub thy brows.
    #6VerfasserGhol ‹GB›21 Jun. 04, 08:43
    LEO is NOT making reference to dict.cc. It's the other way round.
    #7VerfasserDoris21 Jun. 04, 10:05
    My beloved moderator!

    I donŽt intend to argue

    (which I will),

    but may my humbleness allow you to allow me the simple question

    (which is not so simple)

    to ask what the difference may be between "referencing" and "citing/looking up"?

    (case closed: Ich werdŽselber nachschauen, warum die sich in dieser Abzocker-Domain 'rumtreiben..erschien/erscheint mir immer noch sehr merkwürdig)
    #8VerfasserHumbleBee21 Jun. 04, 10:28
    I fully agree with Ghol and would compliment him/her on his/her wide reading.
    Just one addition: I have actually heard "scant of money" used quite a few times. My colleagues (bunch of solicitors) use it when they want to ask in a mock-pompous fashion if someone could help them out with money, for example in a pub. "I am rather scant of money today", in the right context, sounds funnier than "lend me a fiver".
    #9VerfasserAnja22 Jun. 04, 12:21
    @Anja: I regret to say I don't deserve that compliment. I got the examples from page 1 of my favourite tome: "Googles Gesammelte Werke"
    #10VerfasserGhol ‹GB›22 Jun. 04, 13:06
    Ghol: Ah yes, think I've heard of 'im... Was that Johann Sebastian Google, or Carl Phillip Emanuel?

    Affe: no reason to blacklist any particular ccTLD (country code TLD) a priori, though there are about 5 of them that are treated as global domains because they have essentially "sold out" to anybody who wants to sign up (or to a single company for resale) but many others have lax requirements.

    But so what? Good content could be placed by anyone, and each site should be judged on the merits.
    #11VerfasserPeter <us>25 Jun. 04, 07:43
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