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quote - das Angebot

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Seems obvious.
AuthorEddi22 Mar 05, 16:03


[comm.] -

ein Angebot machen



das Angebot

you are correct in saying that 'quote' is usable for 'Zitat', whereas the more 'correct' version should be quotation. AHD:

1. Informal A quotation. 2. A quotation mark. 3. Used by a speaker to indicate the beginning of a quotation. 4. A dictum; a saying.

the verb usage:
1. To repeat or copy the words of (another), usually with acknowledgment of the source. 2. To cite or refer to for illustration or proof. 3. To repeat a brief passage or excerpt from: The saxophonist quoted a Duke Ellington melody in his solo. 4. To state (a price) for securities, goods, or services.
especially no.4.

in my opinion all the LEO entries for quote as noun should be corrected to 'quotation', since quote as noun is 'informal'

Cambridge agrees with AHD on this and prefers 'quotation':
#1Authorodondon irl22 Mar 05, 16:27
"quote" as "Angebot" might be informal, but it is used frequently. At 'my' construction site in Northern Ireland, almost all our subcontractors provide "quotes" and not "quotations".
#2Authortigger22 Mar 05, 16:37
I stand corrected, but would like to suggest, that 'quote' be flagged as informal
#3Authorodondon irl22 Mar 05, 16:38
@odondon: Hi. Sorry, but I don't think it should be flagged as informal. Neither Chambers nor the latest OED mark "quote" (noun) as informal.

noun 1 a quotation. 2 a price quoted. 3 (quotes) quotation marks.

noun 1 a quotation from a text or speech: a quote from Wordsworth.
2 a quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service: quotes from different insurance companies.
■ Stock Exchange a price offered by a market-maker for the sale or purchase of a stock or other security ■ Stock Exchange a quotation or listing of a company on a stock exchange.
3 (quotes) quotation marks.
#4AuthorAnne(gb)22 Mar 05, 17:18
We also usually ask for a quote from a company. But what I get from the company usually says "quotation" on top....
#5Authoroops23 Mar 05, 02:32
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