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discounter - diskontladen

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discount shop



"Discounter" is a German invention, like Beamer, Handy, Talkmaster, Showmaster, all of which don't exist or (in the case of beamer and handy mean something different) in English. It sound English, but it isn't. The English for "Discounter" is discount shop.
AuthorJean Lennox07 Apr 05, 23:09



der Discounter

Quite a few dictionairies are of a different opinion:

dis·count store (plural dis·count stores)
store selling discounted goods: a store that sells goods at prices that are reduced from those recommended by the manufacturers.
Also called discount house
Also called discounter
(Quelle: Encarta)

dis·count·er NOUN:
1. One that discounts, as a person who runs a discount store or business.
2. See discount store.
discount store NOUN:
A store that sells merchandise, especially consumer goods, at a discount from the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Also called discounter, discount house.
(Quelle: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language)

Pronunciation: (dis'koun-tur), [key]
1. a person who discounts.
2. a person who operates a discount house or business.
3. Informal.a discount house.
4. See discount broker.
(Quelle: Random House Unabridged Dictionary)

Not as common as in German, maybe; but it's not a "German invention".
#1AuthorSophil08 Apr 05, 00:03
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