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    Wrong entry in LEO?

    planning of project supervision - Bauleitplanung

    Wrong entry

    planning of project supervision constr. - Bauleitplanung


    town planning

    constr. -


    LEO hat 2 Übersetzungen für Bauleitplanung, "urban land use planning" is good, "planning of project supervision" is wrong.
    "town planning" would also be good.
    Ein Bauleitplaner erstellt Bauleitpläne, er plant nicht Bauleitung!
    AuthorDavidS20 Apr 05, 15:23

    urban land use planning



    Context/ examples
    The function of urban land use planning [Bauleitplanung]is to prepare and control the use of land within a municipality...
    Urban land use plans comprise the preparatory land use plan [Flächennutzungsplan]and the legally binding land use plan [Bebauungsplan].

    from the first sentences of the official translation (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs) of the German Federal Building Code [BauGB], 2003
    Bauleitplanung = urban land use planning
    Stadtplanung = Town Planning
    Flächennutzungsplanung, allgemein = land use planning
    Flächennutzungsplan, laut Gesetz = preparatory land use plan
    Bebuungsplan = legally binding land use plan
    #1AuthorBotter01 May 07, 20:29
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