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programme picture [Brit.] - der Vorfilm

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supporting film [Brit.]


der Vorfilm

supporting movie [US]


der Vorfilm




der Vorfilm

supporting film - der Vorfilm is from Langenscheidt M-S 2004. I'm not sure if it is exactly the same thing, but it seems very close, and I've never heard of "programme picture" and couldn't find any Google hits for it in this context.

"These were also the days of the Double Feature and the supporting film was
often a much older one than the main feature" http://widescreenmovies.org/WSM02/dvd2.htm

Vor|film, der; -[e]s, -e:
im Kino vor dem Hauptfilm laufender [Kurz]film.
Quelle: DUDEN - Deutsches Universalwörterbuch

Oxford Dict. of Eng: *supporting* (of a pop or rock group or performer) function as a secondary act to (another) at a concert
*B-movie* - a low-budget film of inferior quality made for use as a supporting feature in a cinema programme
("programme picture" is not in the Oxford Dict. of Eng.)
AuthorArchfarchnad -gb-09 May 05, 08:05
Ich wiederspreche Dir ungern Archfarchnad,aber ein B-Movie ist KEIN Vorfilm.

Ein Vorfilm ist ein Kurzfilm vor dem Hauptfilm, selten länger als 15 bis 20 Minuten. Ein B-Movie ist dagegen ein langer vergleichsweise billig hergestellter (Hollywood-)Film, oft ein Genre-Film (Western, SF, etc.) Wikipedia sagt, diese wurden ursprünglich für Double-Features (Filmprogramme mit zwei Huaptfilmen)hergestellt.

Auch MW beschreibt einen B movie als
"a cheaply produced motion picture".

(Bezüglich programm picture hast Du natürlich recht, den Begriff gibt es nicht.)
#1AuthorCJ de09 May 05, 12:23



der Vorfilm

I wasn't sure about B-movie, but it is more or less the same thing as a supporting film, which does not have to be that short.

Maybe "short" is closer, although that does not have to be a supporting film AFAIK...

"The Best Live Action Short Oscar dates from a time when going to the movies was a wildly different experience, like a night in front of the TV more than anything else, except that you had to get dressed up. You had some cartoons, a newsreel, a serial (the predecessor to the TV series), some stand-alone shorts such as the Three Stooges or Robert Benchley before the main feature." http://www.filmfestivaltoday.com/article_item...

"Before the main feature begins, you can expect to see silent shorts" http://www.seeing-stars.com/Theatres/SilentMo...

"the heartwarming and thoroughly charming animated short before the main feature" http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/mov...

#2AuthorArchfarchnad -gb-09 May 05, 16:17
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